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Can't get pregnant for over a decade!

by Sheryl
(New Town, ND, US)

I am now 35 yrs old and have never been pregnant and was always told that doctors cannot find anything wrong to why it doesn't happen for me. I have been to fertility doctors in the past and tried many different procedures, except for, (IVF) because it being so costly. After so many failed attempts I just gave up cause of the stress and it's been now about 5 yrs since I have tried again. I thought that maybe it would happen in time but I don't see it happening. I am now to the point where I am getting desperate and do not know where to turn. What would help someone in a situation like mine , and would "Reiki" massage help?

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Unexplained Infertility
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Unexplained infertility can have many causes for example increased levels of toxicity in the body. Many couples, who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility conceive after following a fertility cleanse and changing their life style.

To learn more on the important of cleansing before conception, please read my article on how to do a fertility cleanse.

Stress is another cause of unexplained fertility. By releasing stress many couples are able to conceive naturally after years of trying.

Reiki is a wonderful holistic technique that helps release stress both at the physical and emotional level. Reiki works on healing energetic imbalances within your auric field, the energy aspect of your body. Most people do not know, but stress and past hurt feelings disrupts how the flow of energy moves through the body.

This can lead to infertility but also to other physical conditions. Having Reiki is the best gift you can give and receive. When I was trying to conceive I practiced self-healing Reiki positions on myself every day. Once you learn Reiki level I you can apply Reiki energy yo your body to help you relax and to heal yourself whenever you need to. If you do not want to learn Reiki you can see a Reiki practitioner that will provide a Reiki treatment and will help you release the energy blocks you have.

Read my article on Reiki Therapy for Fertility.

All the best!


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