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Castor Oil Packs After Menses

by Christina

Is it safe to use castor oil packs after menses prior to ovulation? I used them this cycle for 3 days after menses and still have not ovulated yet. US indicated no follicles present.

Is it possible for the castor oil to prevent maturation of the follicles?


Hi Christina,

Castor oil packs do not affect follicle development or ovulation. The reason why they should be avoided after ovulation is in case you get pregnant. Hot packs on the abdomen should be avoided during pregnancy for safety precautions.

Depending on the reason why you are using castor oil packs, the best way is to avoid conception for the first month and use castor oil packs every other day for an entire month after the menses are over and continue all the way until the next period arrives.

After that, if you are trying to get pregnant apply castor oil packs only after the menses up until you have ovulated.

You will know this if you have a positive OPK, you detect a temperature shift in your basal body temperature chart or your cervical mucus changes from egg white to sticky.

Charting your cycle is very important in this case.

If you are having difficulty detecting ovulation, I would recommend using Ovacue fertility monitor.

In a typical, 28-day cycle, the selection of the dominant follicle occurs approximately 5-7 days before ovulation. That's why Ovacue tells you 7 days in advance when you are about to ovulate.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor is able to detect the hormonal changes that coincide with the selection of the dominant follicle by detecting the changes in your saliva when you use the oral sensor.

After ovulation has happened, Ovacue vaginal sensor will confirm ovulation.

This gives you the sure knowledge that you have ovulated and that you should stop doing castor oil packs. Of course it also most importantly tells you the best day to have sex in order to conceive.

Fertility Blessings!

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