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Castor Oil Therapy for Fibroid On The Ouside of Uterus

by Kerryann Poitier

I had my appendix removed. I can't conceive after years of trying. I am 36 and has no knowledge of STDs but has bad menstrual cramp in my teenage years

How should I use the castor oil therapy for my condition? I also have small fibroid on the outside of my womb.

Castor Oil Therapy for Scar Tissue and Fibroids

Hi Kerryann,

Having had your appendix removed may not be the cause of your infertility unless the surgery involved for some reason your reproductive organs.

If the fibroid is located outside the uterus, it should not be a problem in affecting implantation or your pregnancy if not too large. If it is too large it may cause distortion of your uterus and cause miscarriage.

Talk to your doctor about your specific case. Your doctor will be able to explain where it is located and how large it is and if it can affect your pregnancy.

To help shrink your fibroid naturally, I would recommend the UterineWiseKit.

It is possible in some rare cases that after pelvic surgery, inflammation can arise causing pelvic inflammatory disease. This condition has not symptoms, but causes damage to the reproductive organs by the formation of scar tissue.
The best way to treat this naturally is through castor oil therapy.

To perform castor oil packs, simply soak a flannel cloth inside a cup of castor oil.

Place the cloth on your lower abdomen

Put a piece of plastic overtop the cloth to prevent staining of your clothes.

Put something warm over top. You can use a magic bag, a
water bottle or an electric blanket.

Put a towel to keep everything in place
Keep the castor oil pack for at least 60-90 minutes.

Do this for 3-5tims a day for 30 days (do not try to conceive during this time).

You can reuse the clot soaked in castor oil many times over for up to 30 days.

To store it, simply place it inside a plastic bag.

You should apply castor oil packs every other day for an entire month (if you can do it for two months it would be preferable, except while menstruating).

The castor oil helps eliminate toxins from your tissue deep inside your uterus and other pelvic organs promoting lymphatic drainage. It is recommended not try to conceive during the first 1-2 months because the toxins released by your body can affect the developing embryo if you do get pregnant. Also, you should not apply heat on your abdomen if pregnant.

The following month or while you are trying to conceive, you can do castor oil therapy only after your periods up until ovulation. In order to do this you need to chart your cycle to know when you are ovulating.

It is important to drink lots of water while doing castor oil therapy to help your body eliminate toxins faster.

To learn how to perform this correctly, you can get the self-fertility massage DVD. These to very simple techniques work together to help boost your fertility naturally by brining increased blood flow to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus while helping break down excess scar tissue and fibroids.

Fertility Blessings!

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