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How Biochemic Cell Salts Help Increase Your Odds Of Getting Pregnant

Infertility is caused by poor mineral absorption, biochemic cell salts help absorb the minerals your body needs to conceive.

Lack of Minerals The Body Needs in Modern Diet

Biochemic cell salts (also called Biochemic Tissue Salts) are important in preventing lack of minerals the body needs. These important minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

Body minerals regulate important metabolic functions and are required for body growth and repair. The minerals in your diet should come from organically grown plant foods and should be eaten in their natural state.

Unfortunately, due to incorrect treatment of the soil, shipping conditions and added chemicals, the mineral content of fruits and vegetables you find at most grocery stores is very poor.

Furthermore, modern cooking methods reduce much of the little that is available even more. It is very common for people to suffer from lack of important minerals even if they have plenty to eat!

Biochemic Salts Increase The Absorption of Body Minerals

Biochemic cell salts are also called biochemic tissue salts, or simply tissue salts. Some practitioners call them Schussler salts. No matter what you call them, they are one and the same.

They address mineral deficiencies by helping the body to absorb body minerals, which are otherwise difficult to absorb. Even if you are taking a high quality mineral supplement, your body may still not assimilate those minerals efficiently.

The role of biochemic cell salts is to stimulate the cells to uptake the necessary inorganic mineral salts from the diet.

Increasing Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

A difficulty in getting pregnant can be associated with lack of minerals the body needs.

Biochemic cell salts are for everyone, but they are especially important during the pre-conception period. They are safe and effective for women during menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation, when the need of important body minerals increases.

Infants and children can also benefit from cell salts to ensure proper development of bones, teeth, blood cells, nerves and muscles.

Are Biochemic Cell Salts (Biochemic Tissues Salts) Safe?

The main advantage of using biochemic cell salts is that they are compatible with other medications and very safe for pregnant women and infants with no reported side effects. They are designed to correct mineral imbalances at the cellular level, that's why they are called "cells salts."

They are mineral salts that are present in the cells of the body and take part in all metabolic pathways. The function and development of cells in body tissues can be affected by the lack of a particular mineral salt.

This imbalance is resolved by taking biochemic cell salts which have the ability to regulate cellular functions because the metabolic changes that occur in the cell depend upon a balanced concentration of these inorganic elements.

Dr. Schussler's Theory

Biochemic cell salts or biochemic tissues salts were discovered in the nineteenth century by Dr. Schussler, a medical doctor and homeopath. He believed that health is the body's natural state and that the body can heal itself by restoring an underlying imbalance caused by the biochemical imbalance of twelve main mineral compounds.

Schussler's study suggested that when there is a lack of one or more minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and sodium in the body, abnormal conditions can manifest as a result.

What are The Twelve Tissue Salts?

The twelve tissue salts are: Calc Phos, Calc Fluor, Calc Sulph, Mag Phos, Ferr Phos, Kali Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph, Nat Mur, Silica.

These biochemic tissue salts are often confused with homeopathic products, but they are actually part of the biochemic system of medicine, a branch of homeopathy.

Homeopathic medicine is based on the treatment of symptoms using the "law of similars," while biochemic salts are recommended on the bases of mineral imbalances or deficiencies due to metabolic dysfunction. When this balance is present, the body functions can be compromised.

The homeopath will notice chances in the skin and teeth appearance as a resul tof lack of specific tissue salts. Also, your general health can be altered because various symptoms can result from any tissue salt insufficiency.

Even if Dr. Schussler described his salts acting differently then homeopathic remedies, they still have homeopathic qualities and thus they are best when taken under the advice of a homeopathic practitioner.

They correct imbalances in the body that are related to a lack of minerals the body needs at the tissue or cellular level, but that manifest as mental, emotional and physical dysfunctions.

If you suffer from infertility, the use of tissue salts can help you address any mineral deficiency your body is experiencing based on the physical, mental and emotional symptoms this deficiency is creating in your body.

Preparation of The Twelve Tissue Salts for Easy Absorption

Biochemic salts are prepared as minute amounts of the cell salt. This medicinal preparations are in a way similar to homeopathic remedies. When you purchase cells salts you will notice tha dilution factor of 10. This is identified by the dilution factor of 6X. This means that the cellsalt has been diluted one in one million parts.

In this concentration, they have the advantage of being absorbed through the mouth directly into the circulation rather than the stomach. The high dilution factor is similar to the concentration of these salts inside the cells and in the intracellular fluid.

Biochemic salts are not measured like supplements in milligrams, but are delivered in minute biochemic amounts readily available to be directly up-taken by cells and tissues. They are safe for those with digestive problems and do not have binders since they dissolve in the mouth and do not need to be broken down in the stomach.

Help Tale Up The Minerals Your Body Needs!

Biochemic tissue salts can be taken even if you are taking a mineral supplement. In fact, they help their absorption and prevent mineral deficiency and help you absorb your fertility vitamins better. Biochemic salts should be taken away from your meals 2 to 4 times a day. You can add them to your drinking water and sip during the day.

A mineral deficiency can occur even when there is an excess of minerals in the diet. When the body is unable to digest and assimilate them, a metabolic deficiency occurs.

This is the reason why Biochemic cell salts are so important! They treat your deficient at the metabolic and biochemic level. Here you will find the list of the twelve tissue salts and how they can help support your body for conception.

How to Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy

The time you spend preparing for your pregnancy is very important. Consider dedicating a minimum of 4 months to prepare your body before actively trying to conceive. This is the time to eat a healthy diet and to make sure you boost your levels of important vitamins and minerals your body needs to produce healthy eggs.

"Even if you are taking fertility vitamins, cell salts can help your body cells uptake iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus."

Iron is necessary in higher quantities once you get pregnant, but many women may have very low iron stores due to heavy menses a poor diet.

Calcium and magnesium are necessary during pregnancy for the development of the baby's skeleton. Many pregnant women suffer for cramps because they lack magnesium. Learning how to maintain a normal level of magnesium in your body through diet is vital to prevent leg cramps and painful labour pains.

Potassium is needed for cell nerve conduction and to maintain pH levels stable in your extracellular fluids. A lack of potassium during pregnancy can affect cardiac function in both mother and baby.

A lack of important nutrients can cause hormonal imbalance and affect your menstrual cycle.

When trying to get pregnant, you will need to eat foods high in folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. There are vitamins you also need to avoid in high quantity like vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat soluble diet and can be absorbed through the skin, so avoid creams containing synthetic vitamin A derivate like acutene.

If you are planning to get pregnant, I would recommend reading the Pregnancy Blessing eBook.  This is a complete guide to planning a pregnancy. You will learn which foot you should eat more and which you should decrease or avoid while trying to conceive.

Fertility Blessings!

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