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Cervical Mucus Discharge And Conception?

by Samira qazi

Yes! Cervical mucus is very important when it comes to facilitating conception.


Hi Samira,

Around the time of ovulation, under the influence of the hormone estrogen, your cervix becomes to produce what it is called, fertile mucus. This mucus has the same consistency of raw egg white and it is very stretchy and transparent. Women that produce a lot of this fertile type mucus around the time of ovulation are more fertile.

Typically, you would want to see at least 3-5 days of this mucus just before ovulation. The longer you have this mucus the higher your chances of conception.

This mucus helps keep the sperm alive within your reproductive tract and stay healthy and motile until the egg is released. The higher amount of this mucus, the more sperm will be present in the fallopian tubes, so once the egg is released conception will take place.

You will notice that once you ovulate the mucus will change and become sticky. This is a sign that you have ovulated and switch from estrogen (follicular phase) to progesterone production (luteal phase).

Women who have poor fertile cervical mucus often have a very acidic diet, experience recurrent yeast and UTI or take certain medications. It is also important to point out that fertility drugs like Clomid decrease fertile mucus. Dietary changes and supplementation can help increase fertile mucus production and increase the chances of conception.

Many women are concerned about ovulation and detecting ovulation in order to conceive, but forget to chart their fertile mucus. This factor is indeed really important to increase fertility and support conception.

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Fertility Blessings!

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