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Chances of Getting Pregnant With IUI


I am 26 years old. I have PCOS in the right ovary and endometriosis (2.02 cm) in the left ovary.

My husband has azoospermia, so the doctor suggests us to go for IUI with donor sperm. We decide to go for IUI, so I want to know what are my chances of getting pregnant by IUI

Can I get pregnant at 1st attempt of IUI?


Hi Anamika,

In a woman under 30 years of age with infertility due to, the IUI success rate is about 20% per month depending ovulation status. If drugs to stimulate ovulation are used, sccess rate is higher depending on which drug.

It is possible to get pregnant with the first attempt at IUI, but most couples need more than one attempt because the rate of success is not 100% and many factors are involved in your ability to conceive with IUI.

PCOS and endometriosis will decrease the success rate significantly depending on the level of severity.

Generally a couple will need a series of three IUI attempts. Studies have also shown how IUI alone may not be effective in producing a pregnancy when ovulatory disorders, like PCOS are present. In this case fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation will be recommended.

If the male partner, like in your case is infertile sperm donor is a good solution.

IUI is commonly used for:

Mild endometriosis
Hostile cervical mucus
Male factor infertility
Ovulatory problems

IUI is not effective in the following cases:

Women over 40 years of age
Poor ovarian response
Severe endometriosis
Blocked fallopian tubes

IUI is the first type of fertility treatment
used before IVF and studies have shown how it should be used for a maximum of about 3 cycles in women who produce healthy eggs on their own without administering ovulation stimulating drugs.

It is realistic to try IUI for longer in women with PCOS and lack of ovulation because they will require more time and possibly drugs to ovulate.

My advice is to prepare for the IUI naturally in order to increase the chances of success of the IUI treatment. With PCOS the quality of the eggs may be poor and ovulation may not occur regularly each month.

I would recommend learning about the Improve Egg Health Kit, which helps women improve the quality of their eggs before going through IUI/IVF treatments naturally. This natural fertility protocol should be followed for 1-3 months before the IUI treatment in order to improve egg quality.

During the IUI procedure you will be given medications to stimulate the development of eggs. If your stores are good this may hopefully be very effective on the first trial.

Here is a brif summary of what to expect:

1. IUI will be timed to coincide with ovulation.

2. The semen is washed in the laboratory and prepared for IUI.

3. By using a catheter, the doctor will insert the sperm inside your cervix.

4. There is very little discomfort and it should feel like getting a pap smear.

5. You will be asked to remain lying down for a little while after IUI procedure in order to facilitate conception.

I hope your procedure will be successful at the first trial!

Fertility Blessings!

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