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Chances of Pregnancy And Sex Position

by Tulasi

I am Pavani female 26yrs married since 2 yrs. Recently I have been suffering from thyroid and high prolactin.

After medication all are in normal and my doctor asked me to go for follicular study. 12th day the follicle got ruptured and egg is released. We had an intercourse on that day. But due to heaviness of my husband's body and after several minutes of exercise he was still feeling heavy. My husband's sperm count is drawn more than normal.

Then he finally exercised out and then immediately penetrated his penis inside my vagina(not completely in). He ejaculated. He was in the position for 5 minutes and I immediately leaned my legs on the walls allowing the sperm to reach the egg. I stayed in that position for more than half an hour. Will the sperm reach the vagina and egg which is ready.

Will I conceive?

Please Advice


Hi Pavani,

The best sexual position for achieving conception is the missionary position, where the male partner lies on top of the female partner and tries a deep penetration in order to deposit the sperm as close as possible to the cervix in order to facilitate conception.

In order to conceive you need to produce lots of fertile cervical mucus around the time of ovulation. This mucus looks like raw egg while and is very slippery, clear and wet.

You also need to have sex the day before ovulation, prior to the release of the egg from the ovary.

Having lots of fertile cervical mucus makes sure the sperm will stay healthy an vital inside your reproductive tract as ovulation approaches.

Have sex on the first day you detect fertile cervical mucus and continue until the fertile cervical mucus turns sticky. Most women have 3-5 days of fertile cervical mucus. You ovulate the day after your peak day, which is your last day of clear, slippery, stretchy cervical mucus.

If you are charting your cycle, you will be able to know all this.

If you do not make enough fertile cervical mucus, consider using PreSeed during sex to help facilitate conception.

Fertility Blessings!

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