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Chances of pregnancy with chocolate cyst

by Vidhya
(Kerela trivandrum india)

Hi, I am 24 yr female and my husband is 25 yrs, we r trying to get conceive for previous four months and the problem is I am having a chocolate cyst on my left ovary (5 cm), according to doctors’ advice I am undergoing for follicular study for past two months and through that its’ clear that I am ovulating, last month failed to get pregnant and this month waiting to know the result with fingers crossed today is my 20th day of menstrual cycle.

My question is will the chocolate cyst prevent from pregnancy?? And if I do laparoscopy for removing this cyst, can I get pregnant soon?? What to do can I wait to get pregnant for 2 months or better to go for surgery and try for baby ?? PLZ GIVE UR ADVICE!!


Hi Vidhya,

A chocolate cyst is caused by endometriosis and is formed by a small patch of endometrial tissue that bleeds and grows inside the ovary.

Endometriosis is the displacement of endometrial lining of the uterus to other locations within the reproductive organs. In the case of chocolate cyst, the endometrial lining migrates to the ovary. Endometrial tissue responds to the stimulation of estrogen which makes the endometrial tissue grow when its levels are high and when the drop, they make the endometrial tissue shed during the menstrual period.

When the endometrial tissue is not in its original location, in this case it is in the ovarian tissue, it cannot be eliminated though the body, but it still bleeds. The blood causes inflammation, pain, and scar tissue build up. As the blood builds up over time, it turns brown, that’s why it is called chocolate cyst. This type of cyst is not a functional cyst that can reabsorb itself, but it can grow and cause damage to the ovary.

A chocolate cyst on your left ovary can prevent you from ovulating on the left side but the right side will be fine and
you can still get pregnant.

If you remove the cyst your chances of conception will increase but you still need time to heal and scar tissue leftover both from the surgery and the endometriosis. Another possible side effect of laparoscopy surgery to remove the chocolate cyst is increased levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which makes the ovaries less responsive. Your doctor will be able to explain if this is something you may be at risk or not.

In some cases the endometriosis will come back as surgery is effective in removing the endometriosis, but does not address the cause of endometriosis, which is excess estrogen stimulation.

If you decide to remove the cyst you still need to adopt a natural approach to the prevention of endometriosis formation, development and growth.

I would recommend doing a fertility cleanse and follow the protocol of the EndoWise Remedy Kit in conjunction with learning self-fertility massage. These natural therapies work together to remove the cause of endometriosis, which is excess estrogen, support the body in breaking down scar tissue, inflammation and congestion. These therapies need time to be effective. So, give yourself 4-6 months’ time.

You can follow this protocol after surgery or before surgery to try to resolve the situation naturally. I want you to know that there are no guarantees that it will work, but if it does it may prevent you from going through surgery.

To make the right decision, listen to your heart and follow what it is best for you. Do not rush into having a baby, your baby will come when the time is right and when you least expect it. Most fertility doctors recommend a pre-conception time of 4 months before trying to conceive.

Once you are ready to conceive, consider charting your cycle by reading my guide to Fertility Charting And Natural Conception in order to help you determine your most fertile time of the month and conceive faster.

Make sure to follow the endometriosis diet.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Chances of pregnancy with chocolate cyst

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I m pregnant with chocolate cyst
by: Maria

I m trying for baby my doctor told me that u have chocolate cyst and she give me appointment after 3 months to remove that cyst with some medication. My date of periods was after 1 week and there was no periods even after 2 weeks when I check my pregnancy test I was surprised to see that my test was positive.
Is that cyst create any problem for me or my baby? Because almost everyday I feel a very light pain at my left side for 1 or 2 minutes.
Please help me!


Congratulation on your pregnancy! Depending on where it is size & located on the ovary, the cyst may no be a problem during your pregnancy and be removed after or even disappear during the pregnancy.

These type of cysts are usually present on the ovary and need to be removed to allow ovulation. Women can still get pregnant as the other ovary may be the one releasing the egg that can be fertilized.

The baby grows in the uterus and has no contact with the cyst. If the cyst grows you may feel discomfort, but in most cases these type of cyst decrease during pregnancy due to the production of progesterone.

Your doctor will have to keep you monitored but all may be going well.

Relax, and enjoy your pregnancy!

Many Blessings!

Chocolate cyst
by: Ruhani

I have Chocolate cyst & I have Taken lapro in 2010 but after long time backup of doctors there is no pregnancy, but know I have curent ultrasound i found that there is 3 chocolate cyst in right ovary so what can I do for getting pregnant.


Hi Ruhani,

Cholocla cysts for as a result of endometriosis, scar tissue and inflammation. When these cysts form on the ovary they may affect ovulation and create symptoms and discomfort. I would recommend learning more about EndoWise Kit, which offers a natural approach to the formation of endometrial tissue within the pelvic cavity.

Many Blessings!

Problem in getting pregnant due to chocolate cyst
by: Pallavi

I am Pallavi. Last year in January I had laparoscopy to remove left ovarian chocolate cyst. I have been treated for 5 months by lupralide acetate injection. Mow I am again suffering from chocolate cyst in both ovaries. I am trying to get pregnant but couldn't conceive. What should I do? M i really ever get pregnant or not? We are trying since 1 year but couldn't get any results.


Hi Pallavi,

There are natural alternative options for chocolate cyst formation that help prevent and reduce the amount of damage caused by the endometrial tissue growing on the reproductive organs.

Your diet is very important. Eat mostly organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid dairy and red meat.

The OvarianWise Fertility Kit is a good choice to:

1. Break down fibrin, which is the substance that makes up scar tissue.

2. Encourage normal circulation to the reproductive system.

3. Support the body's natural inflammation response.

4. Decrease the build up tissue around the reproductive organs.

5. Support progesterone production.

6. Decrease excess estrogen responsible for fueling endometrial tissue formation.

7. Shirk the cysts in size and number.

All the best!

Chocolate cyst and its affects on a woman who wants a child
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with chocolate cyst just after marriage. I felt a stomach pain.. A gp suggested that I should go for a USG of both whole abdomen. I was diagnosed with stones iny gallbladder together with a chocolate cyst on my left ovary 5 mm with few adhesions. I went to a doctor who suggested a surgery for gallbladder along with a laparoscopy to remove my cyst. I got it removed in April and I was under medication and asked not to conceive for 2 months. After 2 months my doc asked both of us to try for ur baby.. For 2months I tried.. Then the doc adviced me to go for iui. I got scared and changed my gynaecologist.. The one I went to made me relaxed and asked me to be happy. According to him happiness affects hormones in ur body. Luckily I got pregnant on the third month..Throughout my pregnancy and maintained a lot of restrictions and ultimately after a lot of waiting I saw those heavenly twinkles in the month of may 2014.


Congratulations on your babies!

Thanks so much for sharing your success story.

Many Blessings!

Chances of pregnancy after surgical Lap-
by: Sharin


Am 30 years old, am anxious to conceive and we are trying from a year now. I had a copper T removal last year, doctors said that there is a infection hydrosalphix in my right tubes, and chocolate cyst in my left ovary. I underwent a laproscopy 15 days back for the treatement and they removed the chocolate cysts and 3 fibroids from my left ovary. Also, they said that my right ovary was adhent to the uterus and the right tube shows bursted and shrink.

Please help me with the next steps of getting pregnant.


Hi Sharin,

The Fertility Cleanse and The OvarianWise Kit are excellent in providing natural support to ovarian health.

Also, if adhesions and scar tissue are present doing self fertility massage can help decrease scar tissue due to endometriosis.

Fertility Blessings!

Chocolate Cyst
by: Aarti

Hi I am 30 years old..I have a 2.57
cm length chocolate cyst in my left
ovary. My doctor advise me to laproscopy
and after that I have to pregnant with
in a month after surgery. I don't
understand this logic why I have to do
this and there is any other options for
cyst with I can remove this without surgery.


Hi Aarti,

Surgery may be necessary in some cases. It is possible to investigate natural treatments as a possible alternative to surgery for sure. Consider that a natural approach to endometriosis also requires dietary changes and life style changes because there is always the possibility that the undertraining conditions that caused the endometriosis in the first place will still be present even after surgery.

The surgery is recommended in only severe cases. Talk to your doctor to understand your specific situation and make the best decision for you.

Many Blessings!

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