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Chlamydia How to Unblock Fallopian Tubes

by Quisha

I read that it said if you have ever had chlamydia you are going to have a low success rate in unblocking fallopian tubes.

I had chlamydia a 4 years back and now my fallopian tubes are blocked.

I don’t have the money for and IVF so what do I do.

Do you think fallopian wise could work for me?


Hi Quisha,

It is possible to unblock fallopian tubes naturally and the success depends on the extent of the damage the Chlamydia infection has caused to your fallopian tubes.

If the Chlamydia infection has been treated, you may be now dealing with the possible damage caused by this micro-organism like tubal damage.

Your ability to unblock the fallopian tubes and get pregnant depends on the extent of this damage. The smaller the damage the greater the success rate.

Chlamydia bacteria can silently invade the fallopian tubes, causing normal tissue to turn into scar tissue.

If the fallopian tubes are entirely blocked by scar tissue, sperm cannot fertilize the egg causing infertility.

If the fallopian tube is partially blocked or slightly damaged, the sperm can pass through, but the fertilized egg may remain stuck in the fallopian tube.

When this happens the you may suffer an ectopic pregnancy that may put your life at risk and may cause you to lose the fallopian tube if not detected early enough.

An ectopic pregnancy can rupture the fallopian tube causing severe pain, and internal/external bleeding.

That’s why women with a history of blocked fallopian tubes should always take early pregnancy tests to know if they are pregnant and have an early ultrasound to determine if the embryo made it safely to the uterus.

Going back to your question:

How does the Fallopian Wise Kit helps women with a history of Chlamydia infection and blocked fallopian tubes?

The Fallopian Wise Kit is designed to help a woman’s body to clear adhesions, scar tissue and blockages in the fallopian tubes. Its effectiveness comes from the fact that a number of natural health techniques are used like:

Enzyme therapy

If your fallopian tubes and pelvic cavity have an excess amount of remaining scar tissue or excess tissue build-up
after the Chlamydia infection, the enzyme blend breaks down this excess tissue. Scar tissue is made of the protein Fibrin, the enzyme decrease the amount of tissue by eating way at this excess fibrin.

Wobenzym is the best (in my opinion) enzyme therapy product on the market. It has been extensively studied and used in Germany for over 40 years. Because it is so powerful, it should be taken on an empty stomach 45 minutes before a mean and only with water. It will take at least three months of regular use to see some results.

Herbal Therapy

Women’s best friend is an herbal of 17 fertility herbs known for their properties that can help the body clear blocked fallopian tubes and support fertility. These herbs have the folloewing properties that can help those with and history of PID and/or Chlamydia:

1. Antibiotic properties to help the body clear out infections in the reproductive organs.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation and pelvic pain.

3. Circulatory properties to increase the blood flow throughout the reproductive system, allowing the body to natural cleansing action at the cellular levels.

Castor Oil Therapy

Castor oil therapy has been used throughout the centuries by western herbalists to treat many conditions associated with scar of the pelvic region caused by endometriosis, fibroids and pelvic inflammation.

Castor oil cleanses the tissues and stimulates lymphatic flow through the region where it is applied. It also promotes the breaking down of mucus and pus.

Self Fertility Massage

Learning self-fertility massage is the best thing a woman can do to support her body in clearing blocked fallopian tube. The Fallopian Wise kit contains a DVD that teaches you step by step how to apply self-fertility massage not only to help clear your tubes, but also to promote fertility and increase blood flow to the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

I hope this information helps you understand the main actions of The Fallopian Wise Kit and how it can help improve your situation. Depending on the extent of the damage of blockage caused by the Chlamydia you may need to follow this protocol for a minimum of 3-4 months before noticing results.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Chlamydia How to Unblock Fallopian Tubes

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Chlamydia and blocked fallopian tubes
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for all these explanations. I have chlamydia also and I have used felopio kits severally to help clear mine but it did not work for me.

I don't understand is how to get the stuff soaked on a tampon, I tried soaking a tampon with ordinary water to see how deep this herb will go before inserting but it wouldn't soak.

Please let me know how to soak the herbal mixture into tampon.

How to Soak Herbal Tampons

The kit should come with instructions on how to do it. Some kits place raw herbs directly into the vagina and others make you prepare an herbal infusion with them.

In general, to make an herbal tampon simply:

1. Add boiling water to the herbal mixture and let it steep until cold.

2. Strain the mixture and discard the herbs.

3. Insert the regular tampon inside the herbal water for 1 minute. Make sure it does not expand too much. The tampon should soak a little, but if it does not soak you may need to use another kind. Make sure it is 100% organic cotton, no bleach or dioxine. You can also use tampon with applicator and use a teaspoon to impregnate the tampon.

4. Insert the tampon inside your vagina.

I Hope this helps you,

Many Blessings!

Bilateral Hydrosalphinx
by: nthabiseng

Hi,I'm suffering from bilateral hydrosalphinx and I'm ready to try the herbal tampons but I've got a question to ask,does this mean I won't have sex for 4 months? Thanks for all the inspiring stories I really do appreciate and feel so much better knowing there's people out there who feel what I feel.

Herbal Tampons and Sex

Hydrosalpinx causes blocked fallopian tubes. Women who have been diagnosed with hydrosalpinx have fluid inside the fallopian tubes which cannot get out causing the fallopian tubes to swell. Treating this situation is so important if you are trying to conceive.

If you can avoid having sex while using herbal tampons, it is best. You can resume sex when your tubes are clear.

If you really have to have sex, it is best to use protection. The reasons for this are:

1. Avoid ectopic pregnancy. If you get pregnant with hydrosalphinx you are at higher risk of having a tubal pregnancy,especially if the tubes create a complete blockage.

2. Avoid introducing possible pathogens into the fallopian tubes.

3. Keep the fallopian tubes clear while attempting to drain the blocked fluid by using herbal tampons and herbal flushes with chamomile tea.

Also, you should avoid swimming.

I hope this helps you.

Fertility Blessings!

My First Day of Using Herbal Tampons
by: nthabiseng

Hi guys,tonight I start my journey of herbal tampons,how long do I use before I start seeing some debris coming out and is it accompanied by bleeding and can I use a pad during the day instead of tampons,how will I tell when my tubes are clear is there any sign and do u know of any test I can do instead of HSG I'm never going back there its torture.


Using Herbal Tampons

If there is bleeding do not do an herbal tampon.

Do not doing an herbal tampon during your periods or any kind of bleeding.

In general, you should see debris within one or two weeks of using herbal tampons. You need to do the tampon douching combination for 24 days without interruptions. Begin after your periods are completely over. Once your periods come , stop. If you see bleeding during the douching, talk to your doctor.

The debris will begin to show up within 7-10 days. They look like white specs that come out after douching. These are due to the scar tissue breaking down.

Many Blessings!

Blockage due to infection.
by: Anonymous

My tubes are also blocked from fimbrial ends due to tuberculosis infection. Fimbrie of both tubes are agglutinated.
Flimsy adhesions are also present all over bladder and pelvic area. Hydrosalpinx is not present.
Can this natural therapy help in my case to remove blockage and conceive naturally?
What else can I do?


When the fimbria are stuck together as a result of Tubercolosis infection, it is very difficult to treat naturally to allow for natural conception.
The results depends on the extent of the damage and if adhesions are present in other areas of the pelvic cavity, it will be challenging.

Tubercolosis can cause a lot of damage not only to the fallopian tubes but to the other reproductive organs, that may not always be repairable.

Herbal tampons work well with hydrosalpinx and infections of the fallopian tubes, as long as there is no damage done to the structure of the organ.

Other therapies that are often very helpful in helping the body decrease inflammation, adhesions and scar tissue build up are self-fertility massage, castor oil therapy, enzymatic therapy and anti-inflammatory herbs.

You can learn more here.

Many Blessings!

Regarding blocked tubes
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the reply
Have you come across any similar case? Blocked fimbrie due to tuberculosis which were unblocked by natural therapy?
I am asking so as to know whether I can keep any hope of reversing my infertility by natural means.
Or IVF is the only option?
problem is i have failed many ivf transfers already.


I know that you need to know that these therapies are really effective. I can tell you that often similar cases have different outcome with natural health. That's why there are no guarantees.

Tubercolosis causes a lot of damage to the reproductive organs as does endometriosis. In all these cases, natural health does provide relief and improvement and in some cases conception is achieved. The type of damage that is present and location are all key factors in the ability to unblock the fallopian tubes.

In my opinion it is worth trying for 3-4 months and retest. At that point if IVF seems to be the only option, you would have had the chance to give your body better health as these methods help the reproductive organs in so many ways.

The FallopianWise Kit in conjunction with Fertility cleanse and homeopathic treatments are all good choices.

Homeopathic medicine has been effective not only in assisting treating TB or clear the side effects of TB. In homeopathic medicine, if the parents have had TB they can cause a weakness to their children, which is referred to as tubercular miasm.

In these case, I would recommend seeing a homeopath near you. Most homeopath recommend the most suitable remedy for each unique case.
Tuberculinum 200CH is used to address the side effect of TB, while Silica 6X, Thiosinaminum 6X are used to help decrease scar tissue that forms tissue agglutination.

Fimbria agglutination is a difficult condition to treat and I do not want to give you false hope, but I feel like these therapies will overall help your body prepare for a pregnancy and if IVF is required, to help you be successful.

All The Best!

thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you for the reply again. whatever you suggested is very helpful . I am looking forward to starting these medicines soon. Can i just start taking the homeopathic medicines you have mentioned, without consulting any homeopathic practitioner?
If you have any other suggestions regarding the natural treatment, do suggest.


It would be best to work with a professional homeopath. But homeopathic medicine in many country is considered to be over-the-counter medicines and safe to be self-administered.

All the Best!

dosage of homeopathy meds.
by: Anonymous

Also please tell me the dosage of all the meds you have suggested for reducing the scar tissue.


Follow the dosage on the bottle as stated by the manufacturer.

about tuberculosis relapse
by: Gsn2014

I have read somewhere that homeopathic meds, specially silicia and tuberculenium 200 c can cause tuberculosis to relapse.
I have heard that silicea heals the disease and liberates the cocooned bacteria in latent tuberculosis.
Are you sure it won't cause any harm to a person who has had tb infection in the past?


Thanks so much for this posting. Your concerns can be valid and it really depends on each person individually. If the infections is still latent, what you say it is possible, but this means that the person is not healed from the condition.

In this cases, the person has positive TST or IGRA results and no physical symptoms. All these cases need to be monitored and treated in order to prevent the active disease to develop once again. Homeopathy can help in this. There are many remedies that can be utilized.

That's why a homeopathic practitioner will be able to assess the case and make the recommended remedies.

Many Blessings!

tuberculosis treatment
by: Anonymous

I have had more than 9 months of anti TB treatment. Is it still possible that I may have latent tuberculosis.
I had ACL IgG, IgM and MGIT test few months ago, which were both negative. I have not undergone the two tests which you have mentioned.
Will you suggest me to undergo those test before beginning the homeopathic medicines?
Thanks a lot.


The medications used to treat TB can be very effective and you may be all right. In order to know if you till have latent TB you need to be diagnosed by a doctor. He or she will decide which tests, if any, are more appropriate for your case.

Once you know you are disease free, It would be best to work with a homeopathic doctor near you that can take your case history and decide the most appropriate homeopathic treatment.

It is possible to have latent TB and not knowing it, but anyone who has had TB in the past needs to be monitored by a doctor. Homeopathy can be used as complementary treatment and to prevent side effects when possible.

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

Hey I had chlamydia for about 2 years (i think) unknown i got treated for it and it has been a year since than , now I am trying to conceive but am afraid that I have some scar on my tubes. I cant afford all these test I need something I can do at home to help unblock my tubes and help me conceive. Me and my boyfriend will be trying in a month, I need help cause we really want this asap. Please help me?


It is always a good idea to talk to your Doctor if you have any medical concerns about your fertility. Your doctor has access to your medical history and can advise you. Not everybody who has had Chlamydia will necessary had blocked fallopian Tubes.

A natural approach to fallopian health can be the FallopianWise Kit.

Fertility Blessings!

Herbal Tampon
by: Vicky Wilson

Hello I have tryed the Herbal Tampons (Clean point) for 10 weeks now I have seen that there is things coming out now it has stop coming out.I just want to no if I stop using them will I get block up again. and how do i no it all better now. Should I keep using them for 3 to 4 months before i stop using them. How long after can I try for a baby.


Hi Vicky,

When you no longer see debris coming out, it usually means that the tampons have done their job and the tubes are clearing up. In order to know for sure if the tubes are open is best to have another Hsg test.

You can continue for another month with the tampons, just to make sure.

You can use the FallopianWise Kit for maintenance for 1-2 months.

The ability of the fallopian tubes to stay open really depends on the cause and extent of the initial blockage. That's why a maintenance protocol is recommended until pregnancy is achieved.

Most people prefer having another Hsg in 3-4 months (of course you need to talk to your doctor to see if this is appropriate for you) and then TTC.


I can see blood
by: Vicky Wilson

I have been using Herbal tampon for about 3 months now. Very little is coming out now. When I use them I have been bleeding a little. Can you tell me if I am ok.?? why is this happening i was very happy with using them. I am worryed if I stop using them that. I will be block again. Please please tell me why I was bleeding.?? I haven't had sex with any one. waiting until I stop using herbal tampon..


It is ok to stop using them after 3 months. If you have bleeding talk to your doctor.

All The Best!

Thank you (Herbal Tampon)
by: Vicky Wilson

Thank you for your advice. I want to use herbal tampon. Because I want to have a baby. Will it all get block again if I stop useing herbal tampon. ?? I want a family so bad. I feel my body is missing out on the cleaning that the herbal tampon done so far. The bleeding is not heavy. Can I start again in a week time it stop now?


It is all right to give the body a break and allow the natural cleansing ability that the body already possess to work. Periodic cleansing as a form of support are always a good idea.

You do not need to become dependant on this protocol, make sure to look also at other aspects of your fertility, like your diet, doing a fertility cleanse for overall health that supports your liver and supports hormonal balance.

Also self-fertility massage with castor oil as part of The FallopianWise Kit can support the health of the fallopian tubes.

All The Best!

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