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Clomid if you Ovulate Regularly

by Brooke


Hi I'm 37yo, dh is 38, just had varicocelectomy last week. been ttc for 1yr. Dh is also on clomid since jan. N dr is still keeping him on it after surgery. His testosterone levels have increased a lot. Before surgery, his sperm quality was poor. Very poor morphology.

I am praying that this will increase. My dr wants to start me on clomid to increase my chances even though I ovulate normally. When is the best time for me to start clomid? I was thinking in a few months. I'm so terrified that I'm running out of time to get pregnant. I take a prenatal vitamin daily.

What else can we do to increase our chances?


Hi Brooke,

Taking Clomid when you already ovulate normally is unlikely to improve your chances. If you want my honest opinion, consider carefully your need to take Clomid. You are ovulating regularly, why risk messing up your natural hormonal balance? Chose a natural fertility boost like FertilAid before going for something drug related like Clomid.

In my opinion Clomid should only be prescribed when everything else fails to help a woman ovulate, but if you are ovulating this drug can create undesired side affects you want to avoid. Please, please, please think about it twice. I tell you this as if you were my best friend.

Clomid can give serious side effects like:

Hot flashes and early menopause

Abdominal bloating

Weight gain

Mood swings



Spotting during periods


Visual problems

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

The above side effects are rare but still possible in an increasing number of women who take
clomid for long periods of time. If you do ovulate, why risk? Talk to your doctor about clomid side effects before taking it.

Prenatal vitamins are good but I would consider taking FertilAid vitamins for women with FertileCM to boost your fertility.

These vitamins have been studied for their positive effects on female fertility.

FertilAid for women is ObGyn & MD-Approved, formulated by leading fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum MD. If contains Vitex agnus castus, which is the natural herbal counterpart of Clomid. You cannot take FertilAid for women if you are on Clomid because Vitex counteracts the effects of Clomid.

Vitex is a great fertility herbal remedy supports ovulation and helps women maintain hormonal balance without causing side effects. FertileCM is very helpful in helping you make fertile cervical mucus and supporting endometrium receptivity facilitation implantation during early pregnancy.

Since your husband’s sperm is poor, the more fertile cervical mucus you produce the better for conception. Fertile cervical mucus is of the same consistency and chemical composition of spermatic seminal fluids that keep sperm alive and healthy in the reproductive track thus facilitating conception.

Once your husband’s stops taking clomid he can also supplement with FertilIAid vitamins for men to boost his sperm count naturally. Read this article about varicocele and how FertilAid for men can help.

This approach is safer, natural and long lasting because it addresses vitamin and mineral deficiency which is the major cause of infertility in most couples.

Try to relax, at 37 you are not running out of time to get pregnant. Do the necessary steps and in due time you will soon get pregnant!

Fertility Blessings!

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