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Completely Blocked Fallopian Tubes

(South Africa)

I had an unsuccessful IVF, which resulted in the fetus not developing beyond the 7 week stage (there was a heartbeat at 6 weeks).

Frozen embryo transfer was to follow but the embryos did not survive the thawing process. Both procedures was financially draining not to mention previous fertility treatments and artificial insemination.

A laparoscopy was done that revealed that both fallopian tubes were blocked due to adhesion caused by PID, hence the IVF.

To do another IVF is not an option due to financial difficulties. Can anything be done to my fallopian tubes & what treatments will help?

How To Decrease Scar Tissue Causing Blocked Tubes

There are a few things that you can try naturally and hopefully will make a difference in your case. There are no grantees, but in my opinion they are worth trying. Also, most of these therapies are really easy to follow, virtually inexpensive when compared to IVF and very safe.

They can be very effective in most cases, but this really depends on the extent of the blockage and you will not know until you try.

Using natural therapies to unblock fallopian tubes may take a few month, so give your body enough time to go through this process.

I strongly recommend doing a fertility cleanse first to help your body eliminate all the toxins introduced by the fertility treatment and then use the Fallopian Wise Kit to help your body clear adhesions caused by inflammation and blockages in the fallopian tubes.

The Fallopian Wise Kit combines the most effective alternative methods to address blocked fallopian tubes naturally like enzyme therapy, herbal therapy, self fertility massage, and Castor oil therapy.

Enzymatic Therapy Breaks Down Scar Tissue

enzymatic therapy uses powerful
enzymes the body needs to reduce the amount of scar tissue that accumulates in the reproductive system caused by endometriosis, STD's, tube reversal, PID, laparoscopy, C-section, and abdominal surgery.

Enzymatic therapy breaks down and lowers fibrin, the material that makes up excess scar tissue, allowing for the possibility of normal functioning fallopian tubes.

Fibrin accumulation forms adhesions that may twist the fallopian tubes and displace them from their usual location. If this happens the egg may not be caught by the tube or the sperm may nor reach the egg for fertilization.

Herbal Therapy Decreases Inflammation And Infections Causing Adhesions

1. Use herbs with antibiotic properties, to clear out any infections that could exist in the fallopian tubes or throughout the entire reproductive system.

Infections of tuberculosis and Chlamydia are often the cause of blocked tubes and pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. Use herbs with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation in the pelvic area in order to prevent scar tissue production.

3. Use herbs with circulatory properties to improve blood flow throughout the reproductive system. When blood flow increases you bring new oxygenated blood that can repair damaged tissue.

Self Fertility Massage Increases Blood Flow And Decreases Scars

Self Fertility Massage may assist the body in clearing blocked fallopian tubes, increase circulation, and break up adhesions.

Castor Oil Therapy Helps Deep Tissue Drainage

Castor oil is known to increase circulation, eliminate toxins from deep inside the body to drain toxins out of the tissues. It is known to scientists that the fluid contained in blocked fallopian tubes contains toxins. These toxins accumulate in the fallopian tubes as a result of infections.

It helps break down scars and to reduce inflammation, which are all factors in blocked fallopian tubes.

Fertility Blessings!

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