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Conceive after an Ectopic Pregnancy

by Jo

I have had an ectopic pregnancy 4 months ago. It miscarriage naturally. Now we are trying to conceive. Is there any yoga position to prevent tubal pregnancy? For example to help to move the fertilized egg from fallopian tube to uterus? please help...


Hi Jo,

Yoga is great to increase fertility and to promote blood flow to the reproductive organs in order to stimulate healthy reproduction. I am not aware of a specific yoga posture that allows the egg to move to the uterus.

I would recommend to avoid inverted postures and consider following a Fertility Yoga DVD program specific for fertility.

The best way to prevent having an ectopic pregnancy is to help keep the fallopian tubes healthy.

The major cause of ectopic pregnancy is scar tissue or fluid buildup inside the fallopian tubes.

What you eat can affect the health of your tubes. For example, it is very important to avoid mucus-producing foods like soy, dairy products, wheat, and corn.

These mucus forming foods increase the fluid build up inside the tubes, which are very narrow and are lined by fine hair-like structures that are needed to move the fertilized embryo down toward the uterus. The fluid and mucus build up impairs the action of these cilia.

Try to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of red meat and white sugar. Raw honey, maple syrup and stevia are fine.

The mucus is also produced as a result of infections in the pelvis. Pelvic inflammatory disease, Chlamydia, TB and STD infections are the major causes of tubal problems.

These infections leave inflammation that may increase with the formation of endometriosis.

Endometriosis is another cause of tubal problems that can lead to tubal pregnancy.

Keeping your hormones in balance and reduce excess estrogen is very important in preventing endometriosis or to keep endometriosis at bay.

In alternative medicine there are many things that can help prevent tubal pregnancy, like homeopathy, anti-inflammatory herbs, enzymatic therapy, castor oil packs and self fertility massage.

All these therapies work together in treating inflammation and repair and decrease scar tissue formation.

You may want to consider doing a preventive a natural approach like this one.

This is a great way to break down scarrying formation that might have been cause by the previous ectopic pregnancy.

Fertility Blessings!

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