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Conceiving with PCOS

Conceiving with PCOS is possible when you chose a natural approach and are prepared to change your life style. There are many natural options available to women who suffer from PCOS and are hoping to conceive a baby naturally.

The main obstacles in getting pregnant with PCOS are:

1. Controlling Blood Sugar

Many women, who have polycystic ovarian, have insulin resistance. This condition is often associated with high levels of androgens in the body and it is a pre-diabetic state where the body cannot utilize insulin properly. Most women who have PCOS are also over weight and this is the main reason for it. Learning which foot to eat and following a proper diet really helps keep the blood glucose at bay and loose the extra pounds.

It is important to notice that not all those women who have PCOS have insulin resistance

2. Supporting Ovulation

It is known that women with polycystic ovaries do not ovulate regularly and have often very long cycles. Supporting ovulation is vital in order to increase your chances of conception. The best way to support ovulation is to eat fertility foods on a regular base and consider taking herbal remedies specifically formulated to support hormonal balance.

3. Improving Cervical Mucus Production

Increasing the production of fertile cervical mucus is key for every woman who is trying to conceive, but especially for those who have PCOS. When your ovulation is delayed you will often experience more than one patch of fertile cervical mucus that looks like raw egg white. Remember, the second patch is often the one associated with ovulation.

When charting your cycle you need to be aware of your fertile mucus and target love making to increase your chances of getting pregnant. There are many natural ways to improve fertile cervical mucus naturally.

The following is the answer to Piper from Australia. She has PCOS and trying to conceive. I hope that reading my answer to her question will help you deal with PCOS.

I have been told I have PCOS which has resulted in me having high testosterone and very low progesterone and insulin resistance.

About 4 weeks ago I started taking Vitex 1000 which I stopped taking two weeks later so that I could trust my doctors call when she told me that Vitex and most herb don't have enough of an impacted on our bodies to make a difference and she gave me metformin and said that it would help my insulin resistance and that in turn would help regulate my cycles and fix my hormones.

On day 21 of my cycle my doctor did a blood test to see if I was ovulating, my test results showed I was not ovulating due to very low progesterone (1) all my doctor told me that I was to come back in three months, she told me don't give up I have PCOS and when I lived in England I work at a fertility clinic she also said Jamie Oliver's wife, Victoria Beckham had kids and they have PCOS (I think she was trying to comfort me).

I love my doctor, it's taken me along time to find a doctor that would really help me and not just send me on my way but she is not a specialist and I want to get pregnant so bad. She keeps telling me I should try for a year first and (I have been trying seven for months) but she knows I'm not ovulating in fact I may not have ovulated for a few years.

I thought that if you have a condition that affect you fertility like PCOS that you could go straight to a specialist and get things moving faster instead of go home sit on your ass for three months and hope that the next few months will be different from the last few years of your life. I think maybe she does not take me trying to conceive very seriously because I am 22 but I know my condition top to bottom and I know that doing nothing is not going to help me.

I know a lot of you are thinking I'm young get over it you have time on your side and I'm probably too young to be a mother any way but to all of you out there that think this way yes I am young but that does not mean I would not be a great mother.

I have my own business in fact I work from home and my partner works in a warehouse and has for the past five years. We have been together almost eight years and have been living with each other since we were 16 and have owned our own home since we were 19 and now we want children so badly. Most people in their 30 have not accomplished what we have plus we both wanted to wait to have children until we could provide for them which we can do…

My question is what would you do in this situation sit at home for three months or try a more holistic side while I wait for three months or see a different doctor and go straight to the specialist I am so confused and I don't know what to do please if you were me what would you do?


Piper (Australia)

Answer To Conceiving Withe PCOS:

Hi Piper,

I can relate you your state of frustration. And please do not wait for a miracle because it will not happen unless you do something about it. Three months may not seem like a lot of time for a 22 year old woman who is trying to conceive, but it is valuable time for your body if you are not ovulating. At 22 you should be ovulating!
You can be a great mom at 22, especially if you have a stable relationship and financial stability. If you feel that this is your time, then make it so. You are a strong woman, I can sense that.

Having a doctor that understands and works with you is great, but you should be in charge of your own health and do what's best for you.

The only way to get pregnant is to take matters onto your own hands and find solutions to your fertility problem naturally if you can before resorting to fertility drugs and fertility procedures. The good news is that there are many options available to you if you are trying to conceive with PCOS.

There is clinical evidence that suggests that Vitex is actually good for PCOS. This herbs should be taken for a minimum of three cycles in order to provide benefits. It cannot be taken if on fertility medication, though. That's why it is best to try natural health first.

If the natural way is what you chose, here is a step by step approach that can assist your body create hormonal balance and get pregnant:

Step 1

Do a fertility cleanse to eliminate excess hormones, cleanse the liver and the uterus. This should be done for at least 1 month.

Step 2

Follow a very healthy diet. If your PCOS is assolicated with insuline resistance and excess body weight, your diet should be tailored to keeping your blood glucose in check. Have a protein type with every meal, inclucuding breakfast. Try not not skim a meal and eat smaller meals that is can easily assimilate each day.

Step 3
Follow the PCOS Diet with The HormoneWise Kit. This natural fertility program helps maintain hormonal balance while on this diet. The therapies and supplements necessary to complete this program are included in the kit:

1. Women's Whole Food Multivitamin to provide the body with the highest quality nutrition to support reproductive health. Nutrients derived from whole foods are the easiest way for the body to assimilate the vitamins and minerals needed to support hormonal balance for ovulation.

2.Herbal Extracts To Maintain Hormonal Balance:

These includeThe Harmonize Phase 1 & 2 Program, which consistes of a preparation of herbal formulas to be taken during the follicular phase and the luteal phase of the mentrual cycle. The phase 1 is to be taken from after your period until ovulation. The phase two from after ovulation until your period comes.

Each of these herbal preparations contain many herbs. All these herbs work together to help the body achieve and maintain hormonal balance. 

Vitex is one of the most powerful herbs for women's fertility. Vitex stimulates the pituitary gland increase production of LH, which in tune stimulates the ovary to produce progesterone.

When progesterone increases, testosterone and estrogen decrease. Women with PCOS may have high prolactin, which is released by the pituitary gland. Vitex has provided evidence in clinical studies to decrease high levels of prolactin. supports hormonal balance through its effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis correcting the problem at the source. This is so important for women with PCOS!

Other herbal remedies very important for women with pcos are:

White Peony that has shown clinically to lower testosterone and balances estrogen.

Saw Palmetto to help treat hirsutism, excessive body hair, due to hormonal imbalance.

Gymnema - This herb helps deal with glucose imblance due to insulin resistance associated with PCOS. This herbs delays the absorption of sugar.

3. DIM to balance the hormones and to breakdown excess estrogen. Estrogen is one of the main causes of infertility.

4. Essential fatty Acids to support health hormonal production and decrease inflammation.

4. Step 4

Make sure to Chart your cycle to know if and when you are ovulating. To learn more, download my FREE Guide To Fertility Charting And Natural Conception.

Step 5

Do self -fertility massage with castor oil therapy. This easy to learn technique is really amazing when it comes to PCOS. I recommend the self fertility massage DVD that shows you how to do acupressure, massage, castor oil packs and reflexology to increase your fertility and get pregnant. Speaking about taking thinks into your own hands!

I know you can do it!

Fertility Blessings!

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