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Cyst grown from 6cms to 9 cms though used Castor Oil therapy

by Noorrina
(Rose Hill, Mauritius)

Hi, I asked a question last time regarding the use of castor oil therapy and fertility massage and my cyst grown though.

I want to know:

How often should I have used the castor oil pack and the fertility massage for the treatment to be effective? I used it approximately 4 -5 times a month since October 2011. Was it sufficient or not?

You also proposed to buy DIM. If I start to take it in two weeks (by the time I order) how fast it will shrink the cyst to avoid a surgical intervention?

Answer :

Hi Noorrina,

Castor Oil Therapy for ovarian cyst should be done daily or every other day for as long as necessary to shrink the cyst. Try it for 30 days straight, except during your period. Do not try to conceive while using castor oil therapy for the entire month. In general, it is recommended not to use Castor oil therapy after ovulation when trying to conceive, but doing Castor oil therapy only during the follicular phase may not be sufficient in your case.

DIM helps your body to counteract the side effects of excess estrogen, which fuels cyst growth. By balancing estrogen levels in your body, the cyst will eventually shrink. This takes time though.

Each woman responds to
natural treatments for ovarian cyst
differently, but you are looking for a minimum of 3 months to 6 months in order to obtain results.

Make sure to talk to your doctor as he or she knows your case best. Most women do respond well to Castor oil therapy with regular and consistent use. 4-5 times a month is definitely not sufficient. Your doctor will be able to consult with you about the nature of your cyst and about taking some time using a natural method before resorting to surgery. In some cases surgery is the only option.

It is important to follow the fertility diet and avoid xenoestrogens and chemicals that disrupt your homronal balance at all cost in order to be successful.

Many Blessings!

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