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Cytoxan and Ovulation

I went under treatment called cytoxan and I was told that my period is going to stop...But I still ovulate can I still get pregnant.....


Cytoxan can cause ovarian supression and even early menopause that is usually temporary. In other words, your menstrual period can stop and then start again after the treatment. Consider that it can take a few months for this to occur.

Some women do still have a period, but this does not necessary means that you are fertile. This drug is toxic to the primordial follicles and egg cells and of course to embryos.

Your doctor should be able to assess this. In some cases the fertile period is short lived and most women risk to go into early menopause. But every woman is different.

Please, talk to your doctor about your fertility and your ability to conceive after cytoxan.

The level of your ovarian reserves after cytoxan depends on many factors like the dosage that you have been prescribed and the length of the treatment.

It is important to wait a minimum of 6 months, 12 months should be ideal, before trying to get pregnant after taking cytoxan.

Most natural health practitioners would recommend a 3 months fertility cleanse before trying to conceive after been on cytoxan to help the body eliminate the toxins present in the body and released by this drug. Cytoxan is a highly toxic agent that can cause birth defects and permanently damage the eggs.

If the quality of the egg is poor, it is possible to improve egg health naturally. Each case will be different, so it is hard to say if you can get pregnant again, but a natural approach will sure support your body, eliminate toxins and hopefully prevent early menopause. Well worth trying in my opinion.

I hope this helps you.

Many Blessings!

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