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Detox for Conception

by Beth

I have read a lot of information about the importance to detox before conception. I am positive that it is good thing and I would like to do the fertility cleanse. I am not sure what to expect and if I can try to conceive while doing the detox.

Are there any side effects of using a detox and how long do I have to wait before trying to conceive?

Thanks so much.

Why Doing a Detox for Conception Helps You Get Pregnant

Doing a fertility detox or fertility cleanse will help you conceive if you:

1. Have hormonal imbalance
2. Are a smoker or used to smoke
3. Have poor egg quality
4. Have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility
5. Have irregular periods
6. Eat commercially raised meats
7. Eat produce that have not been grown organically
8. Have been taking antibiotics many times over your life
9. Have been heavily immunized as a child or and adult (e.g. flu shot)
10. Use birth control or fertility medications

What To Expect During a Detox for Conception

It is best not to do any type of detox while conceiving because the body releases toxins to be eliminated in higher concentration while cleansing.

These toxins can affect the developing baby. Also, some herbs used in detoxification
are contraindicated in pregnancy because they can cause early miscarriage due to increased uterine contraction or have compounds that can affect the baby.

During a detox you will experience a cleansing reaction if your level of initial toxicity was high. Highly toxic people experience a healing crisis that is very common. This includes experiencing symptoms similar to a flu with nasal discharge and vaginal discharge.

Your periods may contain increased blood clots and may last one or two days extra. This is more common in women with endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids because their uterus is actually cleansing all the tissue build up and toxins accumulation.

This is good. You can slow down this cleansing effect by drinking lots of water, eating a healthy clean diet and decrease the dosage of your herbal remedies for the detox during the initial 5 days.

How Long to Wait Before Conception

It is best to take 2-3 months to do a detox before trying to conceive. Also, make sure to use a cleanse that has been specifically designed for fertility as this type of detox targets specific organs like the liver and improves hormonal balance at the reproductive level.

The fertility cleanse kit is a very good one because it contains high quality herbs and supplements specific for preconception.

Fertility Blessings!

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