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Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Hello, I am 36.5 and my partner is 35. We have been trying to conceive our 3rd child for ten months now. Had laprosophy surgery again to see if endometriosis had returned - good results - endometriosis significantly improved!

Husband's sperm analysis (SA) results were within the normal ranges (morphology which had been 12% was now 21% - he is on supplements too).

However, I have just received the results of my AMH blood test and I am so disappointed and shocked to learn that my result was 7.02 - which is very low for my age. The fertility clinic wants to see me to discuss my options.

My history:
Started trying to conceive Jan 2007 (aged 31). Got pregnant straight away and miscarried. 15 months later, after no success, I was diagnosed with mild to moderate endometriosis (laprosophy surgery). Had IUI - failed. Second IUI got pregnant - twins - carried one of my babies to full term.
Conceived my second child naturally within 2 months of trying.

I have been avoiding diary, red meat and wheat (as advised by fertility expert on endometriosis Dian Mills) and taking supplements - Vit c, Omega 3, prenatal vitamins and Vit E - for 6/7 months now. I have also significantly improved my intake of organic vegetables and fish.

I am very upset that I have a diminished ovarian reserve - can anything be done about this? and do I have any options instead of fertility treatment again?

Thank you for your time

Diminished Ovarian Reserve and Natural Support

You are doing an amazing job with your diet and taking the correct supplements. There are a few simple things you can do naturally before resorting to a more invasive type of treatment.

I never encourage taking fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation because in most cases, when your ovarian reserves a low, you will end up having even more lack of healthy eggs, which will require having to go through egg donor and multiple IVF cycles.

Because you have had endometriosis, fertility drugs should be your last resort as they stimulate estrogen dependent tissue, like endometriosis, to grow. I am not trying to scare you, I am simply trying to encourage you to follow a natural approach first as you have been doing so far. Your body is responding really well and there is no reason why it will not continue to do so.

Taking at least 90-120 days to naturally support your ovaries to produce healthy eggs is priceless. This will incredibly save you time and stress.

Your AMH test result is low, but even this low your body can ovulate naturally to get pregnant.
One important thing to keep in mind, in cases like yours, is that when you try to conceive, you have to be very diligent in detecting ovulation and not to miss it! This
is a must.

Doing fertility charting will help you greatly. If you are not actively charting your cycle, you can start now by downloading my FREE Guide here.

Let's talk a bit about your ovary's ability to produce healthy eggs.

Step-By-Step Guide to Improve Diminished Ovarian Reserve

The cycle of an egg development within the ovary is about 90 day long, that why it's important to follow this protocol for at least this amount of time.

Step 1:

It's very important to cleanse the body of all the toxins that can prevent proper egg development. If you have not done a fertility cleanse yet, this is the time. A fertility cleanse should be the first step for every couple who is trying to conceive.

Another important step is to continue taking prenatal multivitamins or fertility vitamins. These provide all the necessary nutrients for hormonal balance and ensure that you will not suffer from any vitamin and mineral deficiency, often associated with diminished ovarian reserve.

Step 2:

This step is the most important step you can do to ensure healthy eggs production. It involves supplementing with a network of antioxidants. Anti-oxidants make sure your eggs will be genetically perfect and young!

Step 3:

Take super fertility nutrients. These will make sure your ovary will produce lots of healthy eggs.

They main are: Royal Jelly, Mace and CoQ10.

Step 4:

Begin doing fertility yoga. I really recommend doing this because it will help you release stress, while increasing blood circulation to the reproductive area. This brings new fresh oxygenated blood to your ovaries and uterus helping healthy follicle development and prevent endometriosis. Do not do yoga during your period.

Do self fertility massage. I can't never stress enough how important this is for women who have problem conceiving. It helps in so many cases and it is so easy to learn and anyone can do this at home. I recommend the self fertility massage DVD from Ethir Rodriguez. You will love it!

All of these supplements are part of the Improving Egg Health Kit.

This kit contains everything you need to begin to improve egg health. Use this kit to increase your egg health and prepare your uterine lining. The fertility cleansing should be followed for 2-3 months and the other supplements for 3-6 months to obtain optimum results in egg quality.

At that time you should be able to repeat your AMH test to see what happened. Once you are done with the cleansing, you can begin trying to conceive…and maybe you will get pregnant before your next test!

What I have outlined here is a very easy, yet effective self help approach you can try immediately.

Other therapies that can be used in association with this are acupuncture and homeopathy.

For these you will need to seek advice from a qualified practitioner who specializes in fertility.

Fertility Blessings!

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