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Distal Blockage

by Shyvone
(Miami, FL)

My blockage is at my fimbriae on both sides. They are clubbed and will not pick up the egg to travel into the fallopian tube. Would this product work for me?

Answer To Distal Blockage:

Hi Shyvone,

At the end of the fallopian tubes, the finger-like projections, should be able to catch the egg each month after ovulation and guide it down through the fallopian tube where it will be fertilized.

The fimbriae are tiny structures that that need to be flexible free-floating in order to work properly. But after infections, pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, pelvic trauma, collagenous cross-links can form and bind the fimbriae together. This causes the fimbriae to lose their flexibility in such a way that they can no longer grasp the egg at ovulation.

This type of problem can in some cases be repaired surgically, but it is not easy to do. This type of surgery is very delicate and often there is a high probability the fimbriae will fuse back together.

That's why creating the conditions in your body that prevent this to reoccur is vital.

I believe that enzymatic therapy is a promising alternative option to this problem because enzymes can help the body break down scar tissue.

If the fimbria are somewhat clubbed, due to previous adhesions caused by endometriosis or pelvic infection, the ability of the body to
break down scar tissue can hopefully unstuck them depends on the extent of the damage.

Alternative medicine can do some good if the fimbriae are just touching and stuck together and there is not too much damage. The FallopianWise Kit is designed to help breakdown the scar tissue and adhesions that contribute to keep the fallopian tubes stuck together.

This kit includes:

1. Enzymatic therapy to assist in reducing the amount of scar tissue caused by endometriosis, STD's, tube reversal, etc. By supplementing with specific enzymes it possible to break down the material that makes up excess scar tissue allowing for the possibility of normal functioning fallopian tubes in the body.

2. Herbal Remedy that contain a specific blend of 17 Fertility focused therapeutic herbs that may supports the body in clearing blocked fallopian tubes by supporting the body.

3. Self Fertility Massage is incredibly effective when used to break up adhesions and eliminate excess remaining scar tissue. The kit provides a instructive DVD that teaches step by step instruction how to apply various techniques.

4. Castor Oil therapy using castor oil packs. This involves using a flannel cloth soaked in castor oil that is then placed directly on the skin, to assist in increasing circulation and healing organs and tissues beneath the skin.

This kit offer best results when applied for 3-4 months.

Fertility Blessings!

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