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Do Prenatal Vitamins Help To Reduce Scarring After Ectopic?

by Shanika
(Memphis, Tennessee)

I wanted to know if taking prenatal vitamins help reduce the scarring in my tube.......I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2010 and I have regular cycles but haven't gotten pregnant since...I've been taking the vitamins for a couple of months and so far no pregnancy...can you help me????


Hi Shanika,

Prenatal vitamins provide nutritional support to help your body produce healthy eggs and maintain hormonal balance in order to ovulate regularly while trying to conceive. This overall gives the body the building blocks necessary to repair tissue and to achieve reproductive wellness.

If you have scarring in your fallopian tubes as a result of having had an ectopic pregnancy I would recommend a more specific natural protocol to help you conceive. The FallopianWise Fertility Kit is really excellent in helping your body repair the scar tissue and in removing adhesions that may twist the tubes preventing conception. This kit contains all natural ingredients and it can be done in combination with prenatal vitamins.

What I like about this protocol is the fact that it combines 4 natural therapies that all together work to support fallopian health. These therapies are:

Enzymatic Therapy

Enzymatic therapy with Wobenzym to break down fibrin, which is the substance that forms at the scar tissue level and when present inside your fallopian tube it can cause a blockage if it builds up.

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy with a combination formula of 17 herbal remedies that assist the body in many reproductive functions like anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, blood cleansing, detoxification and more.

Self Fertility Massage Therapy

Within the FallopianWise Kit, you will get the self-fertility massage DVD that teaches you how to apply massage, acupressure, reflexology and relaxation techniques on yourself in order to help break up scar tissue and adhesions in the fallopian tubes.

Castor Oil Therapy

Castor oil packs applications are done before doing self-fertility massage and are very effective in treating many infertility conditions like fallopian tubes that are scarred or blocked, endometriosis, fibroids and polycystic ovaries. Castor oil enters down deep into the tissues and helps the body break down scar and stimulates tissue repair.

To help promote normal fallopian tube health, use all of the products in this kit for a minimum of 3 months to obtain best results.

You know it is working when you notice tissue debris coming out of your uterus during menstruation.

Fertility Blessings!

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