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Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment with Homeopathic Medicine

by AK

Hi Maria,Just wanted to tell you my case and see if there is some treatment in homeopathy.I conceived naturally in June 2007 but unfortunately it was an ectopic pregnancy which was diagnosed very early and treated with 1 shot of metatrexate injection.I don't know if this injection has some side effects or not but from past 2-3 years I am trying for a baby with no luck.Consulted a reproductive endocrinologist who ran several tests for me and my husband and said all the reports were normal and said it could be unexplained infertility.So can you pls help me with your natural way of medicine.


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Homeopathic Medicine for Unexplained Fertility and Previous Ectopic Pregnancy
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

The fact that the endocrinologist did not find any problems with you is very encouraging, therefore you should be able to get pregnant naturally with the help of homeopathic medicine. In fact, homeopathy is often recommend in cases of unexplained fertility. The reason why homeopathic is effective in this cases is because it takes into consideration your unique symptoms at the mental and emotional level, it addresses possible suppression from drugs (in your case like Methotrexate, fertility drugs, birth control pill, antidepressants, antibiotics, etc.), inherited or acquired weaknesses, pelvic inflammation and scarring (ovaries and fallopian tubes), poor uterine tonicity, hormonal imbalances, low thyroid issues, poor ovarian response, just to name a few.

Each woman and each couple has unique set of circumstances that can only be addressed with homeopathic remedies on an individual bases.

Fertility Blessings!

Homeopathy for Unexplained Fertility and Previous Ectopic Pregnancy
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi AK,
I am sorry to hear that you had an ectopic pregnancy. Fortunately it was resolved in time and you had not permanent damage from this. The administration of metatrexate to treat ectopic pregnancy, that is at the initial stages, is always the best way to go because this drug helps shrink the pregnancy that is lodged in the fallopian tubes preventing it to grow and burst the tube. The fact that you had an ectopic pregnancy in the first place can be due to many factors, the most common is scarring. Homeopathic medicine has been successful in treating scarring of the fallopian tubes and help achieve pregnancy in many cases.

If you are concerned about the possible side effects of Methotrexate on your fertility, it hard to say. This drug blocks the metabolism of cells and it is commonly used to treat conditions of rapid cell growth. That's why it is effective in inducing miscarriage in women with ectopic pregnancy as it destroys the rapidly growing cells of the placenta. It is known to cause birth defects and miscarriages if taken during pregnancy, lower the immune system and cause liver toxicity when consumed in high dosages. When administered in case of an ectopic pregnancy it will not usually cause permanent side effects, but your body will try to release any toxic effects within a couple of months after administration.

There have been studies done on the effects of Methotrexate on fertility and they have discovered that within the first 180 days after ectopic pregnancy and treatment with Methotrexate ovarian response is lowered. Conventional medicine is convinced that this type of effect is only temporarily and does not affect a woman's overall fertility. The truth is that nobody really knows, but from a homeopathic point of you I can tell you that your body responds to the administration of conventional drugs uniquely depending on your level of health.

Multiple ectopic pregnancies
by: ClaireC

I too have had to have methotrexate to dissolve two past ectopic pregnancies. I am now going through what I think to be a third ectopic, I did blood work yesterday and am waiting to hear back from the Dr as to the next step.
I am very concerned about having the drug a third time or the alternative I think she will suggest is surgery. Is there anything I can do homeopathically instead of drugs or surgery.
I know most of it has passed as my cycle started 4 days early than scheduled and I only suspected I had been pregnant because into day 10 I was still spotting and it was just like my last ectopic.
Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you.


No, Homeopathic medicines cannot treat an ectopic pregnancy. This is an emergency and you should follow your Doctor's advise.

Homeopathic remedies can be used to help and help reduce scar tissue after surgery.

Another natural approach to fallopian tube health is FallopianWise Kit.

All The Best!

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