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Effectiveness of Bach Flower Remedies

by Julia
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi, I had an unsuccessful IVF cycle and I feel exhausted, really drained physically and emotionally. I am feeling so depressed that I cry all the time. My doctor wants to try another cycle soon. He thinks I have good chances this time because I am young (30) and my eggs are still good. My husband says that I need to think more about getting better because my behavior is really changed since the failed IVF and I am getting really down.

Are Bach flower remedies effective in treating my situation and if so which one should I take and for how long. Also, are they OK while on fertility drugs? Thanks you.

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Bach Flower Remedy for Grief After Failed IVF
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

The effectiveness of bach flower remedies for IVF support is really great. In fact, if you feel stressed, sad, and overwhelmed by the process of conceiving you can use Bach Flower Therapy as a way to deal with any mental and emotional imbalance.

Bach flower remedies are also great for those who are trying to conceive naturally and suffer from discouragement or for those who experienced a miscarriage and are still grieving their lost baby.

I believe that this is exactly what you are going through. Your husband is probably right when he thinks that you need to solve this situation first. You are sad and feel depressed because you lost your pregnancy and see no hope for the future.

Bach flower remedies can help you release your fears and sadness about your experience and move on with a renewed sense of hope for your future IVF cycle.

The main remedies for grief are:

Star of Bethlehem: for grief and shock or trauma as a result of experiencing loss. There is a feeling of being overwhelmed and incapable of dealing with the situation. You may also feel stunned or numb.

Mustard: for sadness and depression that comes suddenly and for no apparent reason. This sadness feels like a black cloud over you.

Willow: for feeling sorry for yourself and have crying spells.

Gentian: for disappointment and depressed feelings. This remedy can give encouragement and promote a more positive outlook at life.

Just by taking the right remedy or mixture of remedies you can feel better and capable of making the right decision for yourself and decide if you want to do another cycle.

Bach flower therapy also helps you see beyond your problems and allows your spirit to soar over your current situation and give you great hope for the future. This feeling is so important when going through in vitro because the more relaxed and happy you are the higher your chances of success simply based on the fact that happy moms have happy babies.

You can take Bach flower remedies while doing in vitro to help you relax, but always talk to your doctor to make sure.

Bach flower remedies are taken on a empty stomach 4 drops 4 times a day from the treatment bottle and two drops 4 times a day from the stock bottle.

You can also purchase, Conception Flowe Essence, which is already prepared and designed to support a women who is TTC.

This remedy does not use Bach Flowers, but it uses other Flower Essences equally effective in supporting a woman in her journey emotional journey to motherhood.

Many Blessings!

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