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Effects of Conterceptive Pills And Conception

by Shubha

I am in my thirties now. I have a kid of 9 years old and using contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy (but very rarely, not regularly). How many months will they have effect on my body. My periods are regular and normal lasting only for four days. Now we have decided to take a second chance and have another baby, but this month we I failed, again gone through my periods.

Please advise.


Hi Shubha,

It is recommended to wait 4 months before trying to conceiving after coming off the birth control pill.


The best way is to use this time to prepare by following The Fertility Cleanse Kit for two months to help the body eliminate toxins that can affect egg production and embryo development. This kit not only supports the liver for detoxification and balanced hormonal production, but also helps cleanse the uterus.

If during the menses you don't effectively eliminate all the contents; you may be retaining toxins and tissue debris that may affect embryo implantation and increase the risk of miscarriage. If your periods are scanty or are dark with many clots, a fertility cleanse will help improve the quality of your blood needed to nourish the baby during pregnancy.


After the cleanse, in order to support your ovulation cycles and prepare the uterus for a healthy pregnancy The Pregnancy Preparation Kit is an excellent program and can be taken up until you conceive.

This kit has been developed specifically for women who are planning to get pregnant. It contains key nutrients, essential fatty acids, and traditionally used fertility herbs to provide an excellent fertility program to help boost overall fertility to help you get pregnant faster.

Fertility Blessings!

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