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Egg Health Kits

by Tiana McLaren
(NSW Australia )

I have heard mixed reports on OvaWise - Egg health kit, I have a low AMH level and was wondering if this would help?



Hi Tiana,

I truly believe that the OvAwise - Egg Health Kit protocol including fertility detox, and self-fertility massage works for most cases and in most women.

Not all women will have the same results because each women is different, but with time each one should notice improvements in egg quality and quantity.

Age is also a factor in using this type of protocol. If a woman is already near her natural menopause age, this kit will have less effect.

The ingredients in the OvaWise - Egg Health Kit are excellent and the protocol is the most effective I have seen. That's why I do recommend this kit to everyone who wants to really take a natural approach to poor egg quality.

Poor egg quality is caused by toxicity. A toxic overload is responsible for poor hormonal response.

Also, if you lack of specific nutrients in your diet, your egg quality will be affected.

But the most damage to your eggs comes from free radicals and oxidation. These two combined cause premature aging of the eggs.

Another underlooked cause of poor egg quality is the lack of blood flow to the ovaries. Your overies need constant supply of blood that is high in oxygen and in nutrients. Our modern sedentary life is often the cause of poor blood circulation to the reproductive organs causing poor eggs.

The OvaWise - Improving Egg Health Kit addresses all of these causes naturally.

That's why I believe that it is very beneficial in helping improve egg quality and get pregnant naturally.

Fertility Blessings!

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