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Emotional Detox For Fertility

Let Go Of Negative Emotions
To Get Pregnant

If you are trying to get pregnant you need to be aware of how toxic your emotions of anxiety, insecurity, fear and worry can be to your body. These recurrent negative emotions can become trapped in your reproductive organs and created interference in the functioning of your reproductive system, including ovulation, length of the luteal phase, follicle development, egg quality, menstruation, and more.

In general, negative emotions are feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, failure etc., that a person feels as a response to an event. 

Often time, these negative emotions are felt in the body in such a way that changes in your physiology are noticeable. For example when you are angry you feel it in your body, when you are sad you cry, when you an anxious you feel butterflies in your stomach.

Something real happens to your body when you are under the spell of a negative emotion. You can also recognize the emotions of other people. When somebody close to you is sad you can feel that emotion!

What Are Emotions?

The word “eMotion” literally means to “move through”.  In fact, when handled in a healthy way all negative emotions are meant to flow through the body and be released. For example when you are sad you cry and you feel better, or when someone makes you upset, you let them know. 

So, emotions should only be present temporarily to get your attention in order for you to know how to respond to the "dangers" of the outside world. Emotions are the inter-face between your inner world and your outer reality. It’s through the way you feel that your body learns how to behave in this world. 

Emotions are not so tangible. You cannot pick up and hold an emotion in your hands, but what you do: you touch your body when you feel an emotion. For example when you feel confused you touch your forehead. When you feel sad you touch your heart. People who are anxious often want to protect their stomach area or when insecure they cross their hands in front of their body for protection.

Why do you do that? Because something on an energetic level is going on in your body. Often time you do this without thinking.

That’s when the emotion you feel is becoming overwhelming. When you feel an intense emotion, this emotion can actually get stuck in your body.

This happens when you do not process the emotion in a healthy way, when you suppress it. What happens to the energy of that emotion when you suppress it, when you don't allow it to flow through? It literally gets stuck somewhere in your body.

Trapped Emotions

The result of suppression is a trapped emotion somewhere in the body. They are called trapped emotions because they remain trapped in your body at the level of a organ, gland or tissue.

These trapped emotions have their own vibration which is in dissonance with that of the organ where they get trapped, causing interference just like when you are listening to a radio station with interference or improper tune into that station. You do understand the message but it is not clear.

Over time these interfering energies may disrupt the communication between your brain and your organs and glands.

So, because negative emotions do affect your physiology, you need to pay attention.

Organ, glands, muscles and tissues in the body are all connected on an energetic level. In energy medicine we view the body organs as emanating their own energetic signature and it is possible to know if an organ is happy or not.

When an organ vibrates in balance and harmony, we can say that that organ receives the messages from the brain and the other organs without interference. If the organ is not happy, its messages don't reach the brain, the heart and the other organs and vice versa.

Through muscle testing, which is a branch of applied kinesiology, we can determine the level of functioning of an organ on an energetic level. Now, muscle testing can be utilized to ask any question about the status of organs in the body, but it is not a diagnostic tool for disease. This is something that needs specific medical expertise. 

Nevertheless, muscle testing or energy testing is a great way to know if energetically a particular organ is in balance or out of balanced. We can use muscle testing to tap into the power of the subconscious mind and ask if a particular organ, for example the ovaries or uterus are happy or in balance.

Imbalanced Glands And Organs

When a woman is experiencing infertility, it is very common to discover that the ovaries, uterus, Fallopian tubes, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, thyroid glands and other organs are not in balance.

When this is the case, that organ may contain a trapped emotion or other energetic imbalances that drain the flow of energy through that body causing weakness. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine has identified how certain organs and gland also produce specific emotional energies. 

When negative emotions become trapped in the body there can be dangerous consequences to the organs, gland or tissues when the trapped emotions is lodged. The frequency of the trapped emotions works like an interference disrupting the communication circuits connected to the organs.

Cellular mutations are more likely to occur in this state of imbalance and bacterial or viruses are more likely to target that organ, gland or tissue.

When you have a trapped emotion, it's only a matter of time before tissue inflammation, damage or disease shows up. Your natural state of health is balance and harmony. If you are not in this state you can rest assure you have trapped emotions affecting you. 

Negative emotions can be visualized as a cloud of gray energy surrounding a gland, an organ or a muscle and you may have more than one trapped emotions located in the same area.

The ancient Taoists knew that negative emotions could have a detrimental impact on someone's health causing physical and spiritual conditions.

The realized that each human emotion creates a form of energy, which can be referred to as the emotional charge. There is a strong correlation between an emotions and certain organs. For example, when you feel a "knot" in your stomach, you are probably worries or concerned about something. Negative emotions can get trapped in any location of the body, but are often found more specifically in certain organs. 

Here are some examples:

• Anger weakens your liver, which manufactures testosterone and estrogen and eliminates excess hormones.

• Grief from miscarriage, loss of pregnancy or failed IVF affects your lungs, which can increase risk of developing allergies.

• Worry weakens your spleen, which relates to immune response and blood health.

• Anxiety affects your digestive organs affecting the way nutrients are processed, blood glucose regulation and more.

• Stress weaken your heart and heart chakra related to blood circulation, on a physical level and unconditional love on an emotional level.

• Fear affects your adrenal glands and kidneys, which is involved in the regulation of blood pressure, filtering of the blood from toxins, and the regulation of water fluids in the body.

• Shock attacks you kidneys, causing stuck energetic patterns of physical and mental energy.

• Humiliation and shame is connected to your reproductive organs and glands.

• Guilt and bitterness affects your gall bladder and the liver.

It's not uncommon to discover trapped emotions in the ovaries and uterus of women who have fibroids, PCOS and ovarian cysts. Obviously we cannot say that trapped emotions are causing these physical conditions but they can create interference within these organs and slow down the healing process.

When you have trapped emotions located in the ovaries, uterus, pituitary gland, thyroid gland all interfering with hormonal communication.

How To Release Negative Emotions

You naturally release negative emotions every time you process it in a healthy way by expressing your feelings. Paying attention on how you feel throughout the day by keeping a journal could be a great way to start learning more about your emotional well-being. 

Most people are never taught to pay attention to their emotions. In fact, the majority of women and men are taught just the opposite. We are taught to suppress your emotions. Because of these behavior, we are so used to doing it that is now become a habit.  

When you feel angry, you stuffed the anger away suppressing it and put on a brave face. If you are mad at someone, you simply pretend you are okay and keep moving on. The truth is, the energy you stuffed away in your body is still there and it can harm you. 

The best way to handle negative emotions is to release them as soon as they arise, otherwise they become trapped.

Here is an easy technique you can use to release negative emotions:

1. Take a deep breath in and out, allowing your body to get loser and relaxed.

2. Allow yourself to feel the emotion in your body for a moment or two. Say to yourself: "I now willingly allow myself to feel this emotion just for a little while." 

3. Now that you have acknowledged the emotion, let it go. Say to yourself: " I now allow this emotion to flow through me and completely leave my body now".

4. Take another deep breath in and out visualizing the energy of the emotion leaving your body and dissipating away. It helps to see the energy be transmuted into pure white light.

5. I would recommend, doing this process every night before going to sleep. Go over your day's experiences and if there is anything that has an emotional charge attached to it, do this process. 

Can Trapped Emotions Be Released?

Releasing trapped emotion is not as easy as releasing the emotions you feel in the moment, especially when a lot of time goes by.

So, can trapped emotions be released? Yes they can. This is an energetic release that can be done because trapped emotions are just energies. So imagine what happens when you swipe a magnet through a credit card. The information stored in the credit card is completely erased.

The same principle can be applied to erasing trapped emotions. This can be done simply by rolling a magnet down the governing meridian. The governing meridian governs all the other meridians that are responsible for the energy distribution in the body. Meridians are the energy pathways the supply Chi energy to the body's organs.

The subconscious mind is computer that records everything that has ever happened to you. It knows the emotional and physical connection between all the parts of the body in relations to what you are going through.

So we use energy testing to determine the type of negative emotion trapped in the body, the location within the body and the age when it was created. An this can be done by distance as well. Because when we deal with energy, space and distances are no longer an issue.

Often time some people are not necessary testable and a surrogate can be used. A surrogate is a person the acts on behalf of the person that we want to help. When this is done by distance, it is called proxy testing. This is how I work with my clients and they live all around the world. I test myself on their behalf to get the answers we need regarding their issues. 

Most people really want to know the energetic underlying causes of when they experience certain fertility issues and are ready to clear them energetically.

My job is to assist them is clearing all the negative energies that don’t belong in the body so that the body has the necessary conditions to heal itself without the interference of negative energies from trapped emotions. We can also determine other imbalances as well. These can be structural imbalances, limiting beliefs, negative self-images, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, etc. 

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