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Endometrial Cyst Treatment For Pregnancy

by Vishnu

Question: Endometrial Cyst

Hi Vishnu,

Hello, My wife last year gone through Endometrial cyst surgery that time the cyst portion was 10 cm but latter on doctor suggested that he can't able to remove total cyst because that will damage ovary so he removed portion of that and he medicated to get pregnant but after a year still now we are getting treatment but there is no chance of pregnancy , as of latest scan it showed that the cyst was showing 3.4 * 4.1 cms and doctor told it is accumulating and we showed for another doctor even he told he need to do one more surgery and we are in a confused stage please suggest us on this whether we need to go for surgery or 100% even we have this my wife will get pregnant if any medication we go ..

Waiting for your valuable suggestions.

Answer: Endometrial Cyst

Of course the decision to go through surgery is yours alone. You need to discuss all the risks and benefits with your doctor and decide what is best for your wife in order for her to get pregnant.

Here are my thoughts:
Your wife still has the other ovary that seems to be fine and can produce healthy eggs and get pregnant naturally. Many women do get pregnant with only one functioning ovary.

The other
thing you could consider is a natural approach before going through surgery once again to help shrink the ovarian cyst and hopefully avoid surgery altogether.

If you opt for a natural approach I would recommend the OvarianWise Fertility Kit in conjunction with fertility cleanse. The following protocol can help women who have ovarian cysts:

Fertility Cleanse:

It is very important to eliminate toxins from the body that impair fertility and cause toxicity in preparation for pregnancy. Also excess estrogens in the body can stimulate ovarian tissue to grow.

OvarianWise Fertility Kit

The OvarianWise Kit is designed to support the body in helping to clear out ovarian cysts naturally. The herbs and supplements in this program both help to balance hormones thus slowing cyst growth and dissolving existing cysts through Fertility Enzyme Therapy and therapeutic abdomen packs. Natural progesterone cream applied from day 8 to day 26 of the menstrual cycle suppresses ovulation and helps reabsorption of the ovarian cyst. Use this kit for 3 months minimum.

After 3 months you can continue using this kit but you should apply natural progesterone cream only after ovulation until the periods are due for the last 14 days of the menstrual cycle to support the luteal phase. Also do not do castor oil packs after ovulation when you are trying to conceive.

Learn more about the OvarianWise Fertility Kit here.

Fertility Blessings!

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