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Endometriosis, 2 Miscarriages, High Prolactin

I am 28 years old & my partner is 31 years old. We got married 4 years back. I Got pregnant 3 months after marriage (unplanned). Due to internal bleeding I had to have a medical abortion (miscarriage).

Later started having pains during periods and was detected very small endometriosis cysts which kept on increasing in nos and size. So on doctor’s suggestion planned again and after 1 year gap got pregnant naturally. All the tests were performed both pre and post for me and husband which came normal.

Almost till the 3rd month everything developed normally and it was significant to have twins as per ultrasound images and egg growth. Later it was found the fetus didn’t develop heart beat which should have been at that stage of pregnancy and after waiting on advice of the doctor it had to be aborted (2nd miscarriage).

All the tests were done for the fetus and mine and husband still no reason for miscarriage.
Now after some time on advice of the doctor started with hormonal medicine to clear out cyst as it could have been the reason for the miscarriage. Continued it for about 9 months and stopped on doctors’ advice when the cyst had reduced significantly in no. and size. Now after 4-5 months of stopping the hormonal medicines when we had started planning my prolactin levels were detected to be little above normal. I started taking medicine for the same, once a day. Before completing the course of 6 weeks I got the prolactin levels checked again and was shocked to find that it has doubled to 43.6 instead of reducing. Now I am confused as to we are planning also + 2 previous miscarriage history + cyst problem. Where do I stand and what to do?


With high prolactin levels you cannot get pregnant easily because ovulation is supressed.

I can see that you went through a lot so far and this can cause a lot of stress on your body and your mind.

If you are not taking any prescription medication discuss with your doctor about taking some time to rebalance yourself naturally.

You have been taking a lot of allopathic drugs that can cause a lot of toxicity in your body.

STEP 1. Eliminate Toxins

Eliminating toxicity
is the first step in preparing for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

It is recommended to follow the Fertility cleanse for at least three months before getting pregnant again (do not try to conceive while cleansing as the toxins released from your body can affect the developing embryo).

Step 2. Reduce Endometriosis

To keep endometriosis at bay the best natural therapies are supplementation with DIM and Systemic Enzymes:

Reduce Estrogen In the Body

DIM has been studies for its ability to break down excess estrogen, which is the major culprit of endometriosis, and remove it from the body.

Break Down Scar Tissue An Boost Immunity

The second supplement that has been studied for its ability to remove scar tissue already formed outside of the uterus like ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowel etc. as a result of endometriosis is Wobenzym N.

This natural supplement contains enzymes that break down scar tissue in the body and prevent the possible damage caused by endometriosis adhesions. It should be taken away from meals only with water and for at least three months before trying to get pregnant to make sure all the scar tissue and endometriosis has been removed.

Enzymes have also the ability to support the immune system. This is very important in women with endometriosis because their immune system is often compromised and incapable of detecting and eliminating the endometrial tissue that gets misplaced from its original location.

Step 3. Decrease High Prolactin Levels

High prolactin levels can be addressed with natural means if allopathic medication fails to provide satisfactory results. The herbal remedy Vitex agnus castus has been studies extensively for its properties including its ability to lower high prolactin levels in randomized placebo-controlled double-blind study. (Arzneimittelforschung. 1993 Jul;43(7):752-6).

This natural herbal remedy cannot be taken in conjunction with fertility drugs including prolactin lowering medicines. It is a slow acting herb and may take 4-6 months to provide results but it is non-toxic, well tolerated by women and safe if you get pregnant (even though it is best to discontinue use once you have a positive pregnancy test).

Step 4. Follow A Healthy Life Style

Also, make sure to follow the fertility diet and avoid estrogenic foods and chemicals in your life style. Do not use creams that contain parabens and other hormone disruptions.

Fertility Blessings!

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