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Endometriosis And Fertility: What's The Connection?

Endometriosis and fertility are definitely connected. In fact, studies have shown that 50% of women who cannot conceive have endometriosis. Also, endometriosis may double the chances of premature delivery once a woman becomes pregnant.

In general, women who suffer from endometriosis have more difficulty conceiving and women with minimal to mild endometriosis will take longer to become pregnant than women in general.

The more severe the endometriosis diagnosis, the more difficulty conception will be. Women with moderate to severe endometriosis tend to suffer from infertility and are more likely to experience a miscarriage as a result.

It is important to remember and understand that an endometriosis diagnosis does not automatically mean you will not be able to get pregnant. It means that will encounter more problems. Women with endometriosis have given birth to healthy children without difficulty.

Many fertility experts will recommend assisted reproductive technology in these case. Do not forget that there is a lot you can do to address the symptoms and the causes of endometriosis naturally before resorting to IVF. Here, I will explain how. Once you understand the connection between endometriosis and fertility, you will know how to prevent and improve endometriosis naturally. 

Effects of Endometriosis On Infertility

How does endometriosis cause infertility? When the endometriosis is severe enough to cause damage to your ovaries or fallopian tubes, you will have decreased fertility. There are cases where the ovaries present adhesions and scarring preventing the egg from been released during ovulation. This will prevent fertilization to occur.

Also, there are cases where the fallopian tubes present scar tissue which will prevent the fertilized egg from moving down into the fallopian tubes into the uterus and implant itself there. If the fallopian tube is scarred or twisted as a result of endometriosis, the embryo implants within the fallopian tubes causing en ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the pregnancy will not be viable. An ectopic pregnancy is a emergency situation.

How Endometriosis Affects Conception

There is a sure correlation between endometriosis and fertility problems:

1. Immunological dysfunctions where in certain women, the immune system fails to eliminate the excess endometrial tissue present in the wrong location.

2. The presence of adhesions in the pelvic cavity prevents the movement of the egg along the fallopian tube. The fallopian tubes are lined with a very tiny epithelium that contain cilia, whose function is to propel the fertilize egg down the fallopian tube and into the uterus for implantation. If the fallopian tubes are scarred this cannot be accomplished and the risk of ectopic pregnancy is higher.

3. The quality of the eggs is poor as a result of endometrial cells growing on the surface of the ovary and affecting the follicular formation and development.

4. The endometrial tissue causes inflammation, scarring and adhesions displacing the ovaries and the fallopian tubes from its normal location.

5. Endometriosis inflammatory process may stimulate the immune system to produce cells that will attack the spermatozoa. The sperm may not be able to survive as long within the female reproductive organs, as a result.

6. Endometriosis may somehow suppress ovulation and women with endometriosis develop ovarian cysts similar to polycystic ovary syndrome.

Endometriosis And Pregnancy

We talked about endometriosis and fertility, but what about endometriosis and pregnancy? Well, this is quite an interesting topic because studies have shown how women with endometriosis that get pregnant experience and improvement in endometriosis symptoms usually during the last few months of pregnancy. Having said that, there are also cases where endometriosis symptoms get worse during the beginning of the pregnancy.

This could be due to the fact that the uterus grows rapidly during the early months of pregnancy. This can causes the endometrial adhesions to pull and stretch. Improvement of the symptoms may be due to the increase of progesterone levels during gestation.

In most cases the positive effect of pregnancy will not last for long and the benefit is only temporary. Each women is different and the results will vary depending on other factor that may be unknown at this time.

Endometriosis And Breastfeeding

You know that breastfeeding has so many benefits to both mother and child, but if you are suffering from endometriosis, you will appreciate one more positive effect of breastfeeding on your health.

Breastfeeding, in fact, seems to prolong the remission of endometriosis symptoms.

"This is probably due to the fact that breastfeeding suppresses the release of estrogen by the ovaries, suppressing ovulation and thus decreasing the stimulation of the endometrial implants by this hormone."

The growth and development of endometriosis also decreases as estrogen levels remain low. This correlated to the fact that many women with endometriosis have increased levels of estrogen in their body. This condition is called estrogen dominance and can be treated naturally.

The Diagnosis of Endometriosis And Fertility Problems

Usually endometriosis is detected by ultrasound testing during a pelvic examination. A laparoscopy exam is often recommended in order to verify the presence and location of the spreading of the endometrial tissue. A biopsy usually will confirm the diagnosis of endometriosis and fertility related issues.

Risks of Developing Endometriosis And Fertility Issues

Women, who postpone motherhood until later in life, have higher chances of developing endometriosis and fertility related problems. Having endometriosis does not prevent them from getting pregnant, but certainly makes things more difficult if not resolved. The following are the main risks factors of endometriosis:

1. A family history of endometriosis. If your mother or your sister have endometriosis, your changes are higher due to a genetic predisposition.

2. A menstrual cycle that is shorter than 25 days and that lasts longer than 7 days.

3. Estrogen dominance.

4.Increased body fat.

5. IUD use.

6. Constipation and liver toxicity.

7. A diet high in animal fat containing hormones.

Stress Affects Endometriosis and Fertility

If you suffer from endometriosis and fertility issues, dealing with a stressful life can make things a lot worse. It is important to acknowledge which factors in your life are causing high levels of stress and address them as soon as possible. Lowering stress levels can help decrease endometriosis symptoms quite dramatically.

Natural Health For Endometriosis And Fertility

Endometriosis and fertility problems are among those type of conditions that respond well to natural health therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, special diets, mineral and vitamin supplementation.

If you suffer from endometriosis and want to have a baby, the EndoWise Fertility Kit will be able to help you because is designed to help women who are trying to conceive and suffering from endometriosis. This kit contains all the natural supplements and vitamins necessary for health endometrium while trying to conceive with endometriosis.

It helps clear the body from excess endometrial tissue, balance the hormones, bring circulation to the reproductive system, and prepare the body for conception. This kit is an amazing product, the best on the market, filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fertility superfoods, and nutrients to help support a healthy body and reproductive system specifically for women with endometriosis.  

Fertility Blessings!

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