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Endometriosis and Poor Responder (but low FSH level)

by Elydia
(Florence, Italy)

Hi there, I just finished my first full IVF treatment with a negative response.

I have endometriosis and whilst doing the treatment I found out that I am most likely a poor responder, although my FSH level is 6.

I produced one egg the first time (so didn't go through with the IVF) and then immediately switched meds and continued but this time only produced only 2 the second time. Both survived the fecundation process but in the end the test results were negative.

I have still yet to get a full menstruation cycle (I am 15 days late but not pregnant).

After all of these meds I feel like I really need to cleanse my body. I've always eaten healthy and now try to only eat organic but in the case that I have both Endometriosis, underwent IVF treatment and have a poor egg response, can you recommend which treatment(s) would be best for me?

Thank you so much in advance.



Hi Elydia,

After failed IVF cleansing is definitely a very important aspect of helping your body regain full capacity not only reproductively speaking but also for overall health. Toxins caused by fertility drugs have the tendency of remaining in the body for months and cause weakened constitutional states.

Also toxins are knows to affect egg quality and further promote estrogen dominance condition that is responsible for higher than normal levels of estrogen versus progesterone in the body leading to infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, ovarian cysts, and early menopause.

The problem with IVF is that: “The majority of infertility patients require more than one in-vitro fertilization cycles to achieve pregnancy, which results in repeated stimulation in the ovaries. There have been raising concerns for patients about the effect of repetitive assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles on ovarian response in subsequent cycles” (Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol. 2010 Jun;22(3):177-82).

The most commonly used fertility drugs like gonadotropins, clomiphene and human chorionic gonadotropin, may increase the risk of uterine cancer ( Am J Epidemiol. 2009 Dec 1;170(11):1408-14. Epub 2009 Nov 1).

In order to avoid these problems a fertility detox designed for women who are preparing for pregnancy will definitely help.

The following protocol is often recommended for women who have had failed IVF treatments and want to re-gain health and vitality to conceive again.

Step 1: Cleansing

I would recommend following the Fertility Cleanse protocol for at least 2 months. This fertility cleanse is designed not only to help the body eliminate toxins by supporting the action of the liver, but to help the uterus cleanse itself.

This is the reason why I think this fertility cleanse is so useful. Many women are not aware of the fact the toxins are also stored in the uterus and that cleansing this organ for pregnancy is very important, especially if endometriosis is an issue. Cleansing the uterus from old stagnant blood and tissue
debris left behind will help regain uterine health.

After the fertility cleanse you should feel much better and your cycle should be very easy with little or no pain and come on without spotting and too much cramping.

Step 2: Support Endometrial Health

Having endometriosis is a problem when trying to get pregnant. Endometriosis can prevent embryo implantation and increase the risk of miscarriage. In order to maintain a healthy endometrial tissue, decrease endometriosis and prevent endometrial cells from spreading, the EndoWise Kit protocol will help decrease excess estrogen levels that stimulate endometrial tissue to grow and proliferate. The herbal remedies in this kit help support the immune system, decrease pain and inflammation and increase blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Another important ingredient in this kit is Wobenzym, which has been studied for its ability to reduce inflammation, support the immune system, promote healing, break down and remove scar tissue and adhesions caused by pelvic inflammation, often associated with endometriosis.

DIM is also included in the kit as it helps the body break down and eliminate excess estrogen responsible for stimulating endometriosis.

The kit also includes natural progesterone cream, which has been used to treat endometriosis successfully by many alternative practitioners as per Dr. Lee’s protocol.

During natural progesterone cream treatment you will be supressing ovulation for 2-3 months by applying natural progesterone cream from day 8 of the cycle until day 26.

Bio-identical progesterone helps counteract the negative effects of access estrogen, which stimulates the proliferation of the endometrium during the follicular phase. It also has the benefit of keeping the ovary at rest, giving enough time to restore and replenish if you supply your body with a healthy diet. Natural progesterone can be taken for a maximum of 6 months if endometriosis is really severe.

For best results do Self-Fertility massage with Castor oil packs to help decrease endometriosis faster and increase blood flow to the ovaries and uterus for reproductive health.

Step 3: Improve Ovarian Health

The next step is to support the body in healthy eggs by nourishing the ovarian tissue with food-based multivitamins, super fertility foods like maca (to support healthy hormonal production and decrease stress), royal jelly (to stimulate egg production and improve egg quality), antioxidants (to protect egg DNA from free-radicle damage and maintain healthy eggs), L-arginine to increased ovarian response and endometrial receptivity. (Human Reproduction. 1999; 4(7): 1690-1697, 1999).

The Improve Egg Health kit contains all the necessary nutrients the body needs to improve the quality of the eggs. These remedies should be taken for at least 90 days as this is the natural egg cycle.

I hope this helps you get started. Begin with step one and continue to the next step. Of course the above remedies should not be taken while doing in vitro cycles and should be completed before trying IVF again. When in doubt, consult with your doctor.

Fertility Blessings!

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