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Endometriosis Getting Worse After Surgery

by H

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in November 2009. They removed the endometriosis which was not a bad amount of endometriosis. I still didn't fall pregnant after the laparoscopy and 6 months of Clomid and Artificial Insemination.

My gynie then recommended I try the homeopathic route as she said I was a bit young to rush into IVF. I have been seeing a homeopath for the last 8 months and she was convinced the endometriosis had gone or was inactive and that I should go for another laparoscopy to see what was happening. I have just been for my op to find that my endometriosis has gotten worse and my current gynecologist was too nervous to touch it and referred me to a specialist to have it removed.

I really don't know what to do, I am 32 years old and don't know if maybe the homeopathic route just didn't work for me, even though it has worked for others. I have been trying for four years to have a baby and nothing. I now need to decide if i should continue with treatment of just have another operation to remove the endometriosis and go and do IVF before the endometriosis grows back.

What do you think?


Endometriosis And Surgery

For endometriosis to come back after having had it removed it is not uncommon. Because the root cause of your endometriosis has not
been addressed with surgery.

Homeopathic medicine should have arrested its spread and if this did not happen there is another underling factor which is most likely related to your diet or life style.

The diet is so very important when treating endometriosis. I do not know which homeopathic remedies you took and if you were recommended a special diet.

The real cause that fuels endometriosis to come back and form is excess estrogen in your body that comes from hormone-like compounds called xenoestrogen present in your food, water, and environment.

In order to treat endometriosis successfully, it is vital to avoid them otherwise they keep stimulating endometriosis formation.

Here is a brief list of things to do:

1. Follow the fertility diet.
2. Do not cook using microwave ovens.
3. Avoid food water in plastic containers.
4. Drink purified water.
5. Avoid coffee and colas of any kind.
6. Avoid red meat, cured meat and dairy products.
7. Avoid soy products.
8. Do a fertility cleanse.
9. Avoid artificial sweeteners and additives.
10. Increase fiber, fruits and vegetables that do not contain pesticides.

Consider doing a fertility cleanse.

Also, do not use tampons and make sure to use only 100% cotton pads and undergarment clothes.

Make sure to support your immune system and avoid any food that you might be sensitive to.

It is possible to treat endometriosis naturally and get pregnant!

Fertility Blessings!

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