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Endometriosis Surgery Affirmations

Many women who suffer from endometriosis face the dilemma of having surgery, as endometriosis surgery can help ease the pain by removing the endometrial implants, but can also have risky side effects on your fertility.

The decision of going through endometriosis surgery is never easy and should not be taken lightly. There are many things you can do naturally if you have to go through surgery for endometriosis and things you can do to prevent endometriosis. If your endometriosis is mild natural treatment like EndoWise Kit, can also help.

If after surgery you feel anxious and really concerned about the results of your procedure, these affirmations will be able to help you feel calmer and relaxed:

1. I am healing faster and faster every second that goes by.

2. My body is very efficient in healing itself.

3. The endometriosis surgery was successful with no side effects.

4. I feel better and better because my body is healing fast.

5. I take good care of my body and my body responds with speeding recovery.

6. My reproductive organs are healthy and endometriosis free.

7. The endometrial implants were all successfully removed.

8. There is healing and wholeness within my body.

9. Every cell in my body carries a healthy frequency.

10. I no longer suffer from endometriosis.

11. I willingly release the energy blocks that prevent my body from healing.

12. My angels bring healing golden and white light to my reproductive organs.

13. My guardian angels protect me. I am safe and I am well.

14. My body inner healing capacity are free to create magic within my body.

15. I release all the mental and emotional blocks that prevent me from fully enjoy my body and my life.

16. I am healed in body, mind and spirit.

17. The endometrial implants are breaking down and leaving my body.

18. No endometriosis is present within my body.

19. I am free and I am whole.

20. I am new, starting from today.

You can begin saying the above affirmation right after your endometriosis surgery is over.

Visualization for Endometriosis Surgery

You can use a guided imagery CD or a relaxation music CD every day before and after endometriosis surgery to help you relax and reach a deep state of relaxation.

The following is a simple yet powerful healing visualization for endometriosis surgery that will help you with this task:

Meditation for Endometriosis Surgery

1. Visualize a white light entering your body through your heart chakra, located in the center of your chest. See and feel this light bathing every cell, tissue, and pelvic organ.

See the endometrial implants literally lifting from their location. With the power of your visual mind move them away from your body. See them disintegrate into white light.

Visualize a beautiful healing angel coming closer to you and see how the angel uses his hands to infuse white healing light right into your reproductive organs to cleanse them.

Give thanks to the Angel.

2. Visualize other angels bringing you different healing colors like orange to prevent infections, blue to soothe and relax your muscles and nerves, emerald green to speed up healing, and pink to bring reassurance and universal love to your heart .

3. You are a beautiful child of the universe. Let the universal love heal you with its light energy.

Allow healing within your body to occur. Do not resist, just let go of the pain, the suffering, the sadness the struggle.

Let go of all the fear, uncertainty, and negative emotions.

Forgive yourself for whatever you feel guilty in your life. These negative emotions no longer serve your life purpose.

Let go, you are healed and renewed.

Endometriosis surgery can be very stressful for women who experience physical pain due to endometriosis and want to preserve their fertility and get pregnant.

Please realize that you body needs time to heal. Be nice to your body!

I would recommend using a Mind-Body Fertility Program to help heal your reproductive organs and help your body return to its natural rhythm. This program helps you relax and visualize a health menstrual cycle and healthy endometrium during your monthly cycle.

It is a very powerful way to bring balance back into your body after surgery.

Many Blessings!

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