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Endowise And Fertility Cleanse

I intend to purchase the Endowise kit to ease my endometriosis. On the Endometriosis page it says "recommend the endowise kit" but then under Step One it says "perform a fertility cleanse". I'm unsure of which one to purchase.

Do I purchase them both and do them at the same time? I really cannot afford both the Endowise kit and the Fertility cleanse kit. Or can I purchase and use the Endowise kit (it recommends 3 months) and then move on to the Fertility cleanse? I'm confused as to which order the steps/cleanses should be performed.


You can do the Endowise Kit by itself. The reason why I recommend the fertility cleanse before doing the Endowise is to help the body eliminate excess estrogen, but the fertility cleanse can be done in conjunction or even after the Endowise.

Xenostrogens and hormonal disruptors are the major culprit of endometriosis growth.

The EndoWise Fertility Kit contains natural progesterone cream that has been clinically studies to help decrease and even eliminate endometriosis.

The most useful resources come from Dr. Lee who was the pioneer in the use of natural progesterone for women treating many cases.
When treating endometriosis naturally it is very important to avoid xenoestrogens.

If you do NOT avoid xenoestrogens and apply natural progesterone cream, the endometriosis may temporarily worsen (that’s why I recommend the fertility cleanse to be done before).

Long term exposure to hormonal disruption and xenoestrogen causes the estrogen receptors to be desensitized. When you begin applying progesterone cream, the natural progesterone is absorbed into your body through dermally and it re-sensitizes the estrogen receptors back to normal.

Also natural progesterone may not stop the endometriosis from regressing because xenoestrogens are not eliminated properly, or the xenoestrogens are stored in the body fat, cleansing helps eliminate xenstrogen as well as a healthy diet.

Make sure to avoid xenostrogens in your water and food as well. Xenoestrogen and hormonal disruptors are present in cosmetics and personal care products. Avoid parabens and phenoxyethanol.
Avoid heated plastics, plastic lined items and styrofoam.

Fertility Blessings!

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