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Emotional Detox for Fertility

Fertility Energy Assessment Report

1 Fertility Energy Assessment  Report

Female Fertility Energy Assessment: Evaluation of your Mind-Body's energetic connection by determining how well the energy is flowing through your reproductive organs, glands and body systems.  This session includes assessing limiting beliefs and the release of negative trapped emotions.

Fertility Energy Clearing Package 

3 Fertility Energy Clearing Sessions

Emotional Detox for Fertility: Clear the emotional, mental and physical blocks to your infertility issues. If you feel stressed, insecure and overwhelmed by the process of getting pregnant, this package will help you let go of all your mental limiting beliefs and negative trapped emotions. It can be a great support for assisted and natural conception. 

Regular Price: $420

NOTE: The way these sessions work is via distance. You don't need to be present with me. It all happens via eMail. You can be simply going about your daily tasks. At the end of the session I will send you a written  report via eMail and an audio file where I explain your session. 

What Other Women Have To Say...

"Many things have improved in my emotions and in my body over the course of this program. My periods are less painful and I ovulate more regularly at age 39. I also feel more relaxed and less anxious." Erika L.

"I was feeling very sad after loosing a pregnancy at 12 weeks and being told that at age 40 my ovaries are getting old. Maria's sessions gave me new energy and I am now 7 weeks pregnant!" Sarah M.

"I have unexplained infertility. I had an abortion many years ago and I have never fully recovered from the emotional trauma. Maria found grief, fear, shame and resentment in my uterus. I feel lifted by a heavy burden. I am so hopeful that I will be able to have a baby soon!" - Nicole N. 

"I had never done energy healing before and I was not sure about what results to expect ...but I was emotionally really out of balance and I was ready to try something different. These sessions are really making a difference for me mentally and physically.  My doctor just informed me that my fibroids are smaller, my last menstrual cycle was pain free and the flow was less. I believe that clearing the energies of trapped emotions is helping me physically as well as emotionally." - Barbara T.

"My ovaries were not responding to clomid and I also had hot-flashes at age 35. The initial energy assessment revealed that there was a lot of  blocked energy interfering with my reproductive system. After only three clearing sessions, I feel so much better in every way. For the first time in three years my BBT chart is showing a clear ovulation pattern! " - Pam K.