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Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is composed of many disciplines most of which recognize the energy body as the root cause of all physical discomforts and diseases.

The energy body is made up of basic energetic layers, which surround the physical body and move outward into space.

The Physical Body

The physical body is composed of dense energy, which vibrates at a low frequency rate allowing the level of density to create the material aspect of the physical body. We normally don't consider the physical body as being part of the energy system, but it is. Everything you see and touch is actually energy.

If you have any problems manifesting in the physical body, you can trace them back at the level of the subtler bodies of energy.Energy imbalances crystallize in the physical body becoming real symptoms. 

If it possible to positively affect the physical body by working on the subtle energy bodies. This is so because the physical body interacts with the energetic layers of energy anatomy though circuits, like the chakra and meridian systems.

Etheric Body

This energy body is right next to the physical body and it is called the "etheric double". This is the portion of the energy field that is manipulated during acupuncture and Reiki sessions.

Emotional Body

This energetic layer is considered to be the vehicle of the human feelings and emotions. Unresolved emotional traumas and emotional pain can be lodged in the emotional body, causing problems throughout the entire body. Negative trapped emotions can get stuck in between your emotional and physical body making your body tissues resonating with the frequency of the emotion. These frequencies creating interference in the communication between body organs and glands.

Releasing negative trapped emotions is the best way to initiate healing at the level of the emotional body.

Mental Body

The mental body is the energy layer where thoughts and ideas are stored. This body vibrates at a higher frequency than the emotional body and it contains images of yourself, limiting beliefs, and broadcast messages. All you beliefs are embedded into this layer of energy and vibrate in your energy field, attracting into your life experience more of the same.

Any limitation in your thinking patterns are translated into the emotional and physical body. Releasing limiting beliefs is often the best way you can do in order to improve your physical body and your life experience. Releasing negative beliefs is the best way to initiate healing at the level of the mental body.

Spiritual Body

This layer is associated with your soul or spirit. Here is where your higher consciousness is located. This layer is often called the astral body. When you die, this is the part of you the travels to the next realm of existence.

Other Spiritual Layes

Other layers are present that connect your spirit body to higher levels of awareness. As these subtle bodies expand, your soul reaches higher and higher levels of enlightenment.

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