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Enlarged Uterus FIbroids

If one has been diagnosed with a large uterus(size of 18 weeks in pregnancy) due to fibroid cysts, what are your chances of being able to conceive? Also, what options are there for treatment to preserve fertilty?


It is possible to shrink small fibroids naturally, but large fibroids may require medical intervention with surgery.

The uterus is designed to expand to accommodate a growing baby. When fibroids develop, the uterus enlarges in response to the size of the fibroid.

Some women notice a distended abdomen similar pregnancy. The uterus can shrink back to its normal size once the fibroid is shrunk either naturally or through surgery.

Surgery, when necessary will be done either by myomectomy or shrunk by uterine fibroid embolization. Both these types of surgeries are risky, but a myomectomy can damage the uterine lining and impair your fertility. Also, there is a change of fibroid re-growth.

Talk to your doctor and ask more information about your specific situation. If surgery is recommended, embolization would be the best option as it is a non-surgical procedure. This procedure will ensure you will be able to conceive and has fewer side effects.

It is important to solve this issue before you get pregnant. Fibroids can be located in the wall of the uterus (intramural fibroids) or on the inside of the uterus, bulging inward (submucosal fibroids). These types of fibroids may cause a miscarriage.

A natural approach to the treatment of fibroids should be the
first course of action. I would recommend the FibroWise Remedy Kit in conjunction with the fertility cleanse and self-fertility massage. Consider that the process of shrinking fibroids naturally will take 4-6 months minimum. The FibroWise Remedy Kit has many important roles:

1. Decrease excess estrogen and balance the hormones.

2. Decrease fibrin build up

3. Decrease pain and heavy menses

4. Re-establish regular periods

5. Re-establish fertility

It is important to follow the fertility diet and avoid at all cost any food that contains antibiotics or pesticides as, these chemical compounds are xenoestrogen and may be the root cause of fibroids growth and development. Estrogen feeds fibroid growth.

Also avoid any cosmetics that contain parabens and other chemicals known to disrupt hormonal balance and increase excess estrogen in the body.

Dense fibrin in the outer layer of fibroids needs to be dissolved in order to shrink fibroids. Enzymatic therapy plays a very important role in this. Enzymes help dissolve and brake down fibrotic tissue. Enzymes should be taken 45 minutes before eating or drinking (except water), two hours after a meal in order to make sure the enzymes are easily absorbed to performed their action within the body. Only drink water while taking Wobenzym N. Do not take them with milk, juice or any other kind of beverage as this will disrupt the enteric coating of the supplement causing nausea. If you are taking prescription medication, talk to your doctor before taking any natural product.

Fertility Blessings!

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