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Estradiol, High FSH, Low Progesteone

Hi, I am 37 and my husband is 47. We are both physically active; I don't eat meat but I do eat fish and eggs. We got married in November 2011 and originally wanted to defer having children since I need surgery to repair a torn ACL. I mentioned to my OB/GYN that we wanted to start trying so she ordered blood tests for me. My first set of tests in January resulted in a high FSH (22), normal estradiol.

The second set of tests resulted in low progesterone (<1). So off to the RE we went and my knee surgery was cancelled. After much googling, my husband and I made lifestyle changes (I ordered FertileAid - for both of us - and FertileCM, in addition to other supplements like maca and royal jelly; started buying only organic products; I found an acupuncturist specializing in infertility and I started charting BBT).

Just got the call from RE with new blood test results and now my Estradiol is too high. I've read that fluctuating Estradiol is a sign of perimenopause but I'm hoping that it's just all the changes I'm making and my body will normalize in time. What is your interpretation of my results? And is there anything else I should be doing?


Estradiol is one of the female estrogens. When high FSH levels correlate with high estradiol levels, there is most likely a low progesterone picture as it is in your case.
In alternative medicine this is what practitioners focus upon. This condition is called estrogen dominance (not always recognized by main stream medicine).

It is important to increase progesterone levels naturally in order to re-establish balance.

Maca is an excellent supplement as it is known to support estrogen and progesterone balance. Make sure to take 1,000 to 3,000 mg a day. Maca is a tonic for the endocrine system and does not contain any hormone itself.

Royal Jelly is another great superfood for fertility (make sure that you are not allergic to be pollen before taking it) as it supports healthy egg production.

The fact that you are implementing a life style change will make
a huge difference in your hormones. Try to avoid hormonal disruptors like pesticides and food additives as much as possible. You should begin to see a difference within the next 4 months.

FertilAid for women and FertileCM are great fertility supplement designed for hormonal balance, containing all the nutrients your body needs to ovulate and produce fertile cervical mucus. In addition to vitamins, mineral, and anti-oxidants, FertilAid for women contains herbal remedies that support healthy estrogen balance like Red Clover and support progesterone production like Vitex.

Consider that you may need to wait a full 3 months cycle before seen results in your hormonal balance using FertilAid. Vitex is a slow acting herb, but very effective in re-establishing harmony and helping the body make healthy progesterone levels. In clinical studies Vitex has shown to lower high FSH levels, balance estrogen levels by supporting progesterone production.

In order to know if all that you are doing is working, make sure to chart your cycle with diligence.

If you can afford Ovacue, I would recommend using it. Ovacue is an excellent way to monitor your hormones while trying to conceive.

Ovacue measures the changes in your electrolytes that correlate to the chances in estrogen and progesterone during the monthly cycle. The oral sensor measures estrogen while the vaginal sensor measures the change form estrogen to progesterone dominance during the monthly cycle confirming ovulation.

Keep up the good work!

Fertility Blessings!

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