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Fallopian Tube Blockage From Fluid

by Chloe
(Salt Lake City)

I have been diagnosed with fallopian tube blockage. My tubes are fluid filled and thus I will not be able to conceive naturally. My doctor has referred me to a fertility specialist for IVF. I really would like to explore alternative options and try to do something natural first before going through IVF.

Can you please tell me if there is anything natural that I can try. I am really willing to try anything.

Thank you so much!

Fluid Filled Fallopian Tubes: Is IVF The Only Option?

A fluid filled Fallopian tubes, also called hydrosalpinx contains a serous or clear fluid. The blockage may become distended and the tube looks like sausage. This can happen on both tubes on just one tube.

The result of having fluid build up in the Fallopian tube may reach several centimeters in diameter, leading to infertility because the egg cannot come down into the fallopian tube, while the sperm cannot reach the egg and fertilize.

The best way to address the health of the fallopian tube is to use the Fallopian Wise Kit, which uses a combination of natural health therapies that can help drain fluid filled out the Fallopian tubes. These steps may be able to help clear fluid filled fallopian tubes naturally:

1. Follow a fertility cleanse because fluid filled fallopian tubes contain toxins that need to be released
by the body before conception because Hydrosalpinx fluid may be toxic to sperm and early embryo growth.

2. Address scar formation with castor oil packs. The major cause for Fallopian tubal blockage is pelvic inflammatory disease as a result of infection caused by microorganism like chlamydia or gonorrhea. The result of inflammation is scar formation which lead to the disruption of the Ciliae of the inner lining of the fallopian tube.

These Ciliae beat together to move the egg toward the uterus. The tubal fluid is normally discharged in this direction. If there is a an obstruction, the tubal fluid cannot pass and accumulates and reverts its flow.

3. Self fertility massage releases derbies and scarring. Other causes of fallopian tube blockage include adhesion formation from surgery or endometriosis. All addressed by doing self fertility massage.

Even if the above natural treatments can be very effective, each woman is different and will respond differently. It will take approximately 4-6 months to obtain results. It is wise to re-test blockage of the fallopian tubes only after these time.

If you have an history of Chlamydia infection, your healing journey will take longer because Chlamydia leaves behind scar tissue.

In cases where the scar tissue damage is extensive, IVF seems to be the only solution.

You can get the Fallopian Wise and Fertility Cleanse Kits here.

Many Blessings to You!

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