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Fallopian Tubes Blocked

by Thokozile
(South africa)

How to open blocked fallopian tubes naturaly?


Dear Thokozile,

The following protocol is designed to help the body clear adhesions and blockages in the fallopian tubes.

To unblock fallopian tubes naturally, many types of therapies are required as they all work together for maximum results. I will talk about enzyme therapy, herbal therapy, self-fertility massage and Castor oil packs applications.

Blocked fallopian tubes are caused by mucus or liquid accumulation, adhesions, scar tissue, inflammation and infections. The action of unblocking the fallopian tubes is mainly a cleansing action.

Removing Scar and Adhesions

Enzymatic therapy has been used consistently for the removal of internal scars that cause blocked fallopian tubes. Scars come from endometrial tissue that becomes misplaced, pelvic infections (even Chlamydia) and pelvic inflammation often caused by IUDs.

The enzymatic therapy using Wobenzym has been extensively studies for over 40 years, especially in Germany for the treatment of many conditions as enzymes provide numerous health benefits.

The enzyme blend found in Wobenzym eats away at, and lowers the amount of Fibrin (the material that makes up excess scar tissue) allowing for the possibility of normal functioning fallopian tubes in the body.

System enzyme therapy is useful in the treatment of chronic selpingitis and infertility (Farm. Zh. (Kiev) 1998, No. 2, pp. 89-92). This study was done at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology in Ukraine. 30 women, with infertility and chronic salpingitis (inflammation of the fallopian tubes), were given Wobenzym. Already after 5-6 days of Wobenzym treatment, an improvement of patients' condition was observed. Impaired menstrual cycle normalized in 75 % of the patients.

Reproductive Organ Tonic Herbs

Women's Best Friend herbal blend contains a specific blend of herbs that clear blocked fallopian tubes by the following therapeutic action:

Specific herbs have antibiotic properties that treat infection of pathogens responsible for blockage of fallopian tubes. When a pelvic infection is present, you may not even be aware of it, but your body naturally tends to eliminate pathogens by producing access mucus, similar to
what happen during a cold or upper respiratory tract infection. The epithelial cells of the fallopian tubes have cilia that eliminate mucus secretions that trap toxins, virus, bacteria and parasites.

Anti-inflammatory herbs reduce inflammation and prevent tissue damage from scar and debris accumulation.

Circulatory herbs promote blood flow to the reproductive organs stimulating increase nutrients and oxygen to be present facilitating tissue repair and rebuilt.

Self Fertility Massage

I will never get tired of recommending anyone who has blocked fallopian tubes to do self-fertility massage. If you get Hethir Rodriguez DVD you will learn how to easily apply massage on yourself and assist your body in clearing blocked tubes.

Massage increased blood circulation and helps to break up adhesions and eliminate excess remaining scar tissue.

Castor Oil Packs

Applying Castor oil pack sis so easy to do and yet the most powerful technique you can use.

Castor oil helps eliminate toxins, decreased inflammation, bring blood flow to the fallopian tubes and breaks up adhesions. Apply a generous amount of Castor oil on your skin over you lower abdomen, than place a flannel cloth and a warm pad of water bottle.

By applying castor oil packs for about 45-90 minutes 3-5 times a week for at least 8-16 weeks, you will see improvements.

Fertility Cleanse

If your fallopian tubes are blocked, they may contain toxins that if you get pregnant leach into the uterus and affect the baby’s development.

Before trying to conceive make sure to follow proper fertility cleanse that cleanses the uterus as well as the liver. Liver cleansing supports healthy systemic toxins elimination, while cleansing the uterus ensures that all the toxins, pathogens, old blood and tissue debris are completed eliminated before conception and embryo implantation takes place.

For best results, use all of these remedies to unblock fallopian tubes for a minimum of 3 months. Do not try to conceive with blocked fallopian tubes as this can cause ectopic pregnancies, a life threatening situation.

Learn more about these natural remedies here.

Fertility Blessings!

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