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Fallopian Tubes Dilated Due to TB

by Deepika

I am 34 Years old and I have gone through laparoscopy to clean my Fallopian tubes which was dilated due to TB. Now my tubes have been cleaned and I am taking medicines for that from last nine months. Now my doctor has suggested to go for IVF as my fallopian tubes are now permanently damaged due to TB. Is there any treatment in Natrupathy so I can get pregnant naturally.

Thanks in advance.

Tuberculosis and Blocked Tubes:

Hi Deepika,

Having had your tubes cleansed is a great thing because this will increase your chances of conceiving naturally. But, because of the scarring and damage left behind, you are at higher risk of having a tubal pregnancy, that's why IVF is often recommended.
In your case, IVF treatments are most likely the best option.

There is a homeopathic remedy that helps reduce the damage and the scarring. This remedy is called Thiosinaminum 6X and should be taken for 3-6 months. It has been quite effective in many cases.

Tubercolinum 30CH homeopathic medicine can also be useful in order to prevent and heal your body at a deeper level. This remedy is made by using a highly diluted preparation of the bacteria that causes TB and when administered homeopathically it stimulate healing and prevents side effects of this disease.

Having this type of treatment will also prevent the baby from inhering a tubercular miasm, which in homeopathy is known to cause specific constitutional characteristics.

This remedy should be taken under supervision of
a homeopathic doctor.

In order to help heal your damaged tubes, douching with an herbal tea prepared by infusing Chamomile flowers, Calendula flowers, and Pau D'Arco can be helpful. This will help eliminate the infection and inflammation of pelvic organs.

Consider usings the Fallopian Wise Fertility Kit.

It is important to treat your cases promptly as long exposure to TB can cause irreversible damage to your reproductive system.

In most cases, TB can damage the fallopian tube in such a way that fertilization is not possible. That's why IVF is often the only option.

Tuberculosis also causes damage to the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium. In this case, if fertilization does occur, the embryo may not be able to implant itself due to fibrotic tissue left behind from the TB infection.

Treating TB infection to the genital organs is very important in preserving fertility. Once scar tissue and adhesions form, a viable pregnancy is almost imposible.

If you still have your periods this is a very good thing because in genital TB the periods become very scanty as a result of damaged edometrium. Some women can no longer shed this tissue. When at this stage, pregnancy is very difficult.

Endometrial tissue formed after TB infection become unable to nourish a developing embryo due to lack of vascular tissue and increased fibrotic tissue.

Timing is very important, so make sure to talk to your doctor about the severe of your situation and decide the best course of therapy for your case.

Many Blessings!

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