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Fertilaid and Phytoestrogen Complex

by Aly

Fertilaid and Phytoestrogen Complex by Vitamin Shop.

Is it okay to take these two together with TTC???


Hi Aly,

I do not recommend the Phytoestrogen Complex while trying to conceice (TTC) because it contains soy bean extract in high levels.

The high levels of soy affecting fertility are equivalent to drinking three 12-ounce glasses of soy milk (60 g soy protein equivalent to 45 mg of isoflavones) for a month.

The Phytoextrogen Complex by Vitamin Shop has 150 mg of soy bean Standardized Extract, which is too high for TTC women.

Case studies of women who were taking high levels of soy supplements or eating soy foods showed that some women develop abnormal bleeding of the uterus, endometriosis and polyps. Eliminating soy products from their diets improved their symptoms (Chandrareddy et al, 2008).

More studies have shown that soy products may lower infertility in both men and women and cause problems during embryo implantation and embryo development.

Research published in this month's Biology of Reproduction shows that genistein, a plant estrogen found in soybeans, can disrupt the development of the ovaries of newborn female mice, causing reproductive problems and infertility later in life. For this reasons some doctors do not recommend taking soy while pregnant and soy infant furmula should not be given to babies.

According to a report in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a small number of studies have shown that high levels of soy are beneficial for women in perimenopause. Soy increases menstrual cycle length, decrease FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and decrease LH (leutinizing hormone).

There are other natural helath products that can provides these effects without theconcerne that soy poses for TTC. FertilAid contains hormonal balancing herbs that are known to be safe for TTC women and that support health hormonal blance.

My advise is to take FertilAid only while TTC to be safe. This product has excellent reviews from both women and physicians, as it is designed specifically for women who are trying to conceive.

FertilAid for women, besides the important fertility vitamins and minerals, contains fertility herbs like Vitex to balance progesterone and Red Clover to balance estrogen levels in the body. These will give you the similar benefits of soy bean extract without the side effects.

Fertility Blessings!

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