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Fertilaid For Ovarian Cyst

I'm 17 and my boyfriends 18 we are ttc and I want to try FertilAid. I was recently told I have a cyst on one of my ovaries. Is fertilaid a good choice for us?


FertileAid is a good choice for all TTC couples as it contains important minerals, vitamins, anti-oxydants, amino acids and botanical nutrients needed by the body to maximize fertility and prepare couples for healthy conception.

FertilAid for women contains Vitex agnus castus and herb used in western herbal medicine to treat irregular cycles and to balance female hormones. Ovarian cysts formation is often associated with a conditions known as estrogen dominance. Vitex assists in reducing the levels of excess estrogen in the body and increasing levels of progesterone. Within 2-3 months of taking FertilAid, you should notice a more regular cycle and less pain during ovulation and menstruation.

Vitex has been shown to be particularly effective for disorders connected with hormonal imbalance, including LPD (luteal phase defect) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Hormonal imbalances and low progesterone may contribute to the formation of ovarian cysts. Women with PCOS also tend to exhibit higher-than-normal levels of prolactin, which may inhibit ovulation.

Vitex agnus castus has been shown to support progesterone production and suppress prolactin.

In addition to FertilAid consider using castor oil packs to help decrease the ovarian cyst.

Castor oil therapy can be very effective in decreasing ovulation pain due to cysts and helps break down any scar tissues often associated with ovarian cyst.

Also, make sure to avoid xenoestrogens and hormonal disruptors by following the Fertility diet guidelines.

Fertility Blessings!

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Ovarian Cyst and Irregular Mensuration
by: Gee

I had my daughter in 2010 and when she became one a year after, i have been trying to get pregnant without any result.

I saw a fertility specialist who diagnosed me with a cysts on my leaf ovaries. i was told that the cyst will go away on its own. It actually did and resurface again.

I have been using cat's claws for three weeks no, and i see that my pelvic pain has reduced and my menses did not show up until after 30 days unlike before that it will be between 26 - 28 days.
It is possible that the cat's claws is correcting my irregular menses and also what can i do to get rid of the ovarian cyst and get pregnant again.

Treating Functional Ovarian Cysts naturally

Hi Gee,

Cat’s claw contains many phytochemicals which have been studied to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties. Commonly, Cat’s claw is used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis because it helps reduce inflammation.

Cat’s claw is also known to support the immune system, but it should not be used by pregnant women or if you want to become pregnant because it can cause abortion.

To help prevent functional ovarian cysts from returning, I would recommend The OvarianWise Kit, which is a natural protocol that has been developed specifically for women who are preparing for pregnancy.

Many Blessings!

Imbalanced Hormone and Ovarian Cysts
by: Gee

Does ovarian cyst causes imbalance hormones and breast tingling at ovulation and menstruation?

Ovarian Cysts and Hormonal Imbalance

Hi Gee,

Yes, hormonal imbalance and ovarian cyst formation are correlated. Most women who suffer from recurring functional ovarian cyst or PCOS do have hormonal imbalance, which is referred to as "estrogen dominance." This condition has been described in women who seem to have higher levels of estrogen and low levels of progesterone.

To create balance within your body, you need to:

1. Eliminate excess estrogen by taking supplement slike Maca, DIM and Wobenzym.

2. Supplement your body with natural progesterone cream for at least 3 months before trying to conceive.

3. Use castor oil packs with self-fertility massage after menses.

You can find more information on this natural protocol here.

To begin obtain results, follow this protocol for 3 months.

Fertility Blessings!

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