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Fertile Aid After Confirmed Pregnancy

by Viki
(White plains, New York)

Currently taking Fertile Aid. How long is it safe to continue to use after a positive pregnancy test and when I must stop taking it, what is the best product for me to use to help ensure a successful pregnancy? Thanks... Viki

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Vitamins For Pregnancy
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Once you have a positive pregnancy test, it is best to discontinue taking Fertile Aid and take prenatal vitamins, which contain minerals and vitamins in the correct amounts for supporting a healthy pregnancy.

During pregnancy for example you need more calcium, magnesium and iron. You also do not need high amounts of vitamin A, beta carotene is OK though. You also should not take high amounts of vitamin C as the baby can develop vitamin C deficiency at birth. Keep you vitamin C intake at 500-1,000 mg per day.

I believe that taking the right vitamins during pregnancy is very important in order to prevent certain birth defects and to ensure healthy baby development. Recent studies have shown the importance of Folic acid in the prevention on neural tube defects and how taking Omega 3 fatty acids specifically designed for pregnant women increases brain development in infants.

To learn more about the important of prenatal vitamins read this article on Pregnancy Vitamins.

All the best in your pregnancy!


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