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Fertile XX

What does it mean I cramp, have mood swings and lower back pain every time I take Fertile XX?


Fertile XX is very safe and effective in helping increase fertility in women. It is made with very high standard procedures and high quality ingredients, is an excellent product and it rarely gives any side effects.

If you feel that this is happening to you, you might be experiencing what in holistic medicine is called "The healing crisis," where your symptoms get worse before getting better.

You should decrease the dosage. For the first week to ten days cut the dosage in half and then increase to the recommended dosage over a three day period.

Also, you should consider contacting the manufacturer and ask them the same question.

One of the ingredients of the Fertile XX formula is Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa). This herb is used to treat heavy menstrual cycles and painful menses.

It has a strong action on the uterine muscles that could be the cause of your cramping. You might react to this herb in such a way that increases you muscle contraction.

This herb is very effective in cleansing the uterus, improving uterine lining for implantation after conception. In fact, it is used to address infertility issues caused by endometriosis and fibroids.

If even after decreasing the dosage you still have the same symptoms, talk to a natural health practitioner. He or she may recommend using a diluted form such as Cimucifuga 12X homeopathic preparation instead.


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by: Anonymous

What base is the tincture for fertile xx? Is it alcoholic or vegetable glycerin?


Thank you so much for asking this question!

I am sure that many other readers of my website would want to know.

To better assist you I forwarded the same question to the Native Remedies' expert team to get the most accurate response because not all alcoholic tinctures are prepared using the same extraction methods.

The quality and quantity of alcohol used is very important for safety, potency of the active principles and therapeutic efficacy.

Here is the answer:

"All our herbal tinctures contain a small amount of pharmaceutical ethanol (derived from the sugar cane) in them - less than one percent when diluted as directed. The alcohol helps to extract the active components of the herbal ingredients and also means that the tincture remains fresh and effective for a long time.

If you are at all concerned about the alcohol in any of our tincture remedies, we recommend that you dilute the tincture in water that is just off the boil and allow it to cool before taking. This will evaporate all the alcohol off the remedy without decreasing its effectiveness."

For more information, please go to:

Fertile XX

I hope this helps you!

Fertility Blessings!

Cramps and lower back pains
by: Anonymous

I have bought FertileXX on Monday and I have been taking it ever since but my problem is that everytime I take it, I have lower back pains and I am moody and I have cramps, is this normal? Please help!


It is possible that your body is trying to adjust to the stimulation of the remedy. Try to reduce the daily dosage for the first month. Take it only from day 14 th of your menstrual cycle and only once a day.

FertileXX contains cimicifuga racemosa which helps ease uterine cramps, but it olso acts as a uterine tonic and in high dosage may stimulate uterine contractions. Black cohosh may not be indicated if you have fibroids that are really large.

If you do, consult with a master herbalist.
The mood swings are often experienced in women who have too much estrogen and they do go away as progesterone levels increase and the body is stimulated in achieving balance.

Many Blessing!

Can I take Fertile XX along with vitamins and fresh galic?
by: Anonymous

I just started fertile xx and before then, I was taking vitamin A and vitamin E with fresh garlic.

Should I continue taking them with fertile xx? And can Fertile XX make a woman who had an ectopic pregnancy conceive again as she is left with just one tube.


FertileXX supports the female menstrual cycle by regulating the production of estrogen and progesterone. It helps maintain regular ovulatory cycles to support conception. If you have only one tube, your chances of conceiving are good.

After, having had an ectopic pregnancy a woman, who ovulates regularly, will be able to conceive on the side where she still has a healthy tube. Herbal remedies for fertility like Fertile XX will help support your body in this process.

The good news is that your chances of conception with one fallopian tube are good provided that:

1. You ovulate regularly (that's what Fertile XX will help you with).

2. You other Fallopian tube is healthy (Fertile XX helps strengthen and tone the fallopian tubes)

3. Your male partner has healthy sperm.

4. You have plenty of fertile cervical mucus at ovulation.

It is very good that you take Vitamin A and E to support your immune system. Garlic is great in treating and preventing pelvic infections.

Once you conceive, discontinue taking these remedies and talk to your doctor about prenatal care.

Many Blessings!

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