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Fertility at Age 47

by JJ
(Mpls, MN)

Will FertilAid help us to get pregnant naturally at age 47! We eat a good diet and exercise regularly.

Getting Pregnant at 47 with FertilAid

Hi JJ,

Of course! Fertility vitamins, like FertilAid, will help any couple at any age conceive, especially if they have a healthy life style and still ovulate.

Many women who are 47 can still conceive naturally. Fertility vitamins also help those women who have irregular periods due to perimenopause establish hormonal balance and support regular ovulatory patterns to facilitate conception.

FertilAid for women contains important fertility vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and also herbs like Vitex agnus castus and Red clover.

Vitex is known to support ovulation decrease high levels of prolactin or high FSH levels and prevent luteal phase defect typical of perimenopause. Red clover supports healthy estrogen production.

At age 47 most women have entered a peri-menopausal phase that is characterized by more frequent anovulatory cycles. This is normal and caused by the inability of maintaining hormonal balance.

During perimenopause, estrogen levels may fluctuate up and down causing irregular periods. Red clover present in FertilAid helps maintain better hormonal balance and supports conception.

FertilAid for Men will also support male fertility by stimulating healthy sperm count and motility. Ensuring a good supply of sperm is 50% of the fertility picture.

I would also advice using Ovacue fertility monitor to tack your fertile time as when a woman is 47 her egg supply may start to diminish naturally and time is really an important factor when it comes to natural conception.

You don't want to miss any chances of getting pregnant each month. By using Ovacue you will know 7 days in advance when you are about to ovulate giving you lots of time to plan intercourse and not take advantage of your fertile window each and every month to maximize your efforts.

Exercising regularly is very important in achieving conception at any age. I would recommend doing fertility yoga daily or at least 3-5times a week.

Yoga helps women get pregnant naturally by increasing blood circulation to the reproductive organs and by helping release stress.

If you are looking for a yoga DVD to do at home, I recommend Bend, Breath and Conceive by Anna Davis, neurophysiologist and certified yoga instructor.

You can learn more about the above fertility products here.

Fertility Blessings!

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