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Follow These Fertility Diet Guidelines

Add More of these Foods To Your Diet To Get Pregnant

The fertility diet consists of eating more of certain types of foods, known to increase fertility, support the endocrine system and the reproductive organs, while avoiding those types of foods known to disrupt hormonal balance, impair ovulation, increased acidity in the body, and suppress the immune system.

Fertility diet and nutrition are very important topics that not many fertility experts take into close account when dealing with infertility issues.

How you eat before conception makes a world of difference, both in your ability to conceive and in your ability to carry a healthy pregnancy to term. Here are some fertility diet guidelines, based on the fertility diet, that you can easily apply to your daily dietary choices.

Start improving your general health and the health of your reproductive organs, today!

This fertility diet can be easily followed by anyone and it should become your normal once you get pregnant because it will provide all the necessary nutrients to your growing baby.

These dietary guidelines should be followed by both partners in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant. A healthy fertility diet will increase the quality of eggs and sperm.

Fertility Diet Guidelines

1. Eat organic fruits and vegetables as often as possible in order to avoid harmful pesticides and herbicides. This is key when making your fertility diet choices.

2. Eat organic dairy products that do not contain hormones or antibiotics. If you suffer from endometriosis or fibroids, you should avoid dairy products altogether because they naturally contain estrogen which stimulates their growth. If you have polycystic ovarian syndrome you should avoid dairy, too.

3. Eat only lean red meat that is grass fed or organically grown. Conventionally grown cattle contain hormones, antibiotics and other contaminants that contribute to excess estrogen. Eat red meat only once or twice a week. Eat a very small amount, no more than 4 oz. at the time.

4. Eat only white meat like chicken that is free range or organically grown to avoid hormones and antibiotics which can disrupt your hormonal balance.

5. Eat fish that is fresh and comes from deep sea waters. Select fish like sole, tilapia, cod, and salmon. Avoid farmed salmon, tuna, shark, and sea food because they may contain high level of heavy metals.

6. Eat plenty of legumes because they are high in fiber which helps regulate blood sugar reducing fertility issues associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome and contain a good source of protein.

7. Eat whole grains and avoid processed and refined white flour foods. Select pasta and breads made with spelt flour or kamut flour, brown rice, amaranth, millet, buckwheat, or quinoa. Avoid flours that are made with GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

8. Make sure your fertility diet is high in fiber because it helps the body eliminate excess estrogen. Also it lowers you blood glucose.

9. Do not eat soy products unless they are the fermented type like miso or tempeh. Soy has estrogenic effect and it is not indicated if you are trying to conceive but most impotently you should avoid it during pregnancy and lactation.

10. Avoid drinking soy beverages. Select brown rice beverages instead.

11. Drink fresh juices. Learn how to juice your own fruits and vegetables. You will greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant because they have lots of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.

12. Avoid commercial fruit juices because the pasteurization process destroys vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

13. Avoid refines sugars. Choose natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, stevia, or agave nectar.

14. Drink lots of water, 6 to 8 glasses a day. Avoid drinking tap water at all costs because it can contain harmful chemicals. It is a good idea to invest in a filtration system and only drink filtered water. Avoid bottled water because the plastic can be harmful to your health.

15. Include essential fatty acids into your diet. Make sure you eat plenty of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Select healthy vegetable oils like flax seed oil, oil of olive, hemp oil, and coconut oil.

16. Give up smoking, drinking alcohol, and coffee.

Fertility Diet And Menstrual Cycle

Fertility Diet Before Ovulation

Your body is attempting to do different things at different times during your monthly cycle. It needs specific nutritional support before ovulation for the development of healthy follicles, which must contain the healthiest eggs and be capable to maturing the most perfect egg to be released.

During this time you should increase your body needs for proteins and foods containing vitamin E, vitamin C and antioxidants.

Make sure to eat plenty of the following foods as they should be integral part of your fertility diet: 

1. Cold pressed oil of olive, sesame oil and flax seed oil

2. Organic meat (absolutely avoid any meat that has been fed synthetic estrogen at this time as it can delay ovulation

3. Lots of organic legumes like lentils, cheek peas, black eyed been, etc.

4. Lots of leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, containing B vitamins important for egg release

5. Avocadoes are high in essential fatty acids.

6. Sweet potatoes

7. Raw nuts and seeds are high in healthy fats and minerals

8. Whole grains like spelt and kamut

9. Eat lots of organically grown fruits if you can find them (strawberries, cherries, mangoes, citrus fruits, etc.)

10. Eat deep fish that has been wild caught (salmon, cod, sole, tilapia, sardines, etc.)

Fertility Diet During Ovulation

Many women know when they are about to ovulate. If you are charting your cycle you will know approximately when you ovulate each month, this is the time to eat more foods that support healthy ovulation. 

Eat Royal jelly, Maca, greens and antioxidants in order to make healthy eggs.

A daily fertility smoothie is the best way to have all the nutrients you need to support healthy ovulation.

Remember that you also need to have lots of fertile mucus at this time, so you should eat foods that increase your fertile mucus, like Evening Primrose Oil, and drink lots of water.

Fertility Diet After Ovulation

If your egg was released by your ovary and successfully fertilized, the embryo has the difficult task of implantation during this time of your cycle.

It is recommended to eat pineapple as it contains bromaline, an enzyme that promotes implantation to take place.

During this time you should avoid drinking icy cold beverages and cold raw foods. Cold foods deprive your body heat that is necessary to nourish your uterus.

Your body needs foods that increase vital energy. Eat soups that are prepared with lots of legumes and vegetables at each meal.

Make sure your food is also properly cooked in case you are pregnant to avoid food poisoning.

Do not eat refined carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods. Avoid drinking tap water, and make sure to drink purified water or spring water from a reliable source.

Increasing fertility naturally is about following important steps each day to support healthy conception.

Drinking Water To Enhance Fertility

Not only you need to drink the correct quantity of water each day, but also the best quality!

Water is important to help you make fertile mucus to support the sperm fluids and for the maintenance of healthy blood pH.

All important metabolic reactions occur in the presence of water; in fact your body is made 70% of water.

How Much Water Do You Need?

The amount of water you need is calculated as follows:  take your weight in pounds and divide it by two. This should be the equivalent in ounce of water you need to drink each day.

What About The Quality of The Water You Drink?

If you drink purified water from a reverse osmosis filter, add 1/8 teaspoon of Himalayan salt's sole solution to 1 litre (4 ounces) of water.

Himalayan Salt's Sole Solution

Himalayan Salt's Sole Solution is prepared by putting Himalayan salt rocks in an air tight container of spring water for 9 hours.

The resulting solution should always have solid salt in it to maintain 26% salt concentration. Keep adding water and rock salts to keep it up only when necessary. Himalayan salt has all the necessary minerals that the reverse osmosis filtration system takes away. 

Reverse osmosis is great because it purifies the water from all the impurities that tap water has, but it also deprives it from important minerals. This is an easy way to re-mineralize and alkalize your purified water.

Special Foods & The Fertility Diet

1. Fertility Foods

After stopping birth control, it is very important to spend some time detoxifying your body by synthetic hormones.

This should take a few months. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, organic meat and dairy. Avoid soy products, peas, and yams. Drink lots of purified water.

Eat lots of fertility foods like Maca, Royal Jelly, Blue-green algae Spirulina and Chlorella in order that stimulate and support ovulation in women and increase sperm count and quality in men.

2. Fertility Vitamins

Many doctors advice women to take prenatal vitamins before conception. It is actually better to take fertility vitamins instead.

These are specifically designed to increase sperm count in men and to support ovulation and conception in women.

Also, do not forget to take Folic acid a couple of months before trying to conceive in order to prevent neural tube defects once you get pregnant.

3. Fertility Herbs

There are many herbs that can help you conceive.

If your menstrual cycle is not regular or you suffer from infertility related disorders like PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid problems you can resort to herbal medicine to help you overcome your challenges.

Herbal remedies are an excellent way to increase fertility and create hormonal balance.

4. Fertility Life Style

It is important to follow a healthy life style at least 3-4 months before getting pregnant.

Quit smoking, avoid alcohol and coffee. Make sure to get enough sleep every night. If you are a man, stop wearing tight fit underwear and avoid overheating of the testicles.

If you are a woman, avoid wearing toxic hair spray, gels, and make up. Switch to a non-toxic brand, including hair coloring agents and underarm deodorant.

Also, increase your fertility by substituting coffee with an organic fertility herbal tea.

Fertility Blessings!

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