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Fertility Energy Clearing Package
3 eMail Sessions

Emotional Detox for Fertility: Clear the emotional, mental and physical blocks to your infertility issues. If you feel stressed, insecure and overwhelmed by the process of getting pregnant, this package will help you let go of all your mental limiting beliefs and negative trapped emotions. It can be a great support for assisted and natural conception.

Regular Price: $390

All sessions are conducted via distance by eMail. I will eMail you a written report (pdf) of your session and an audio (mp3) file describing the session. You need to select the day and time you want your session to be conducted.Packages are non-refundable once purchased. 

What People Have To Say...

"I have no words to express my gratitude for Maria's help. Her ability to detect emotions and limiting beliefs is very impressive. I was blown away by all the things she cleared. I am so empowered by this knowledge about my body. Love" - Pamela

"After my second session I started to feel more secure, relaxed and at peace with this all infertility issue. My husband has noticed an improvement in my attitude and I feel less guilty about not giving him a baby after so much struggle. He also wants to have a session!" - Jane

"My ovaries are talking to me. When Maria cleared a wall made of negative emotions around my ovaries, I was thinking just that! I am so grateful for this opportunity to finally be able to listen to my body. I know what it is saying and I understand why I am going through this process. I feel more in control of my feelings and I am handling the stress of going through IVF with more peace." Thank you Maria!" - Lory

"Initially I was thinking that this emotional stuff was really not for me. I decided to take this package because I have tried so many things that did not work and I just wanted to give myself an opportunity to discover what was wrong with me. I am so glad I did because I am pregnant! I am so happy!" - Elena

"Reading the report that comes with every session and listening to Maria soothing voice explaining everything was the most amazing experience of my life. I released a lot of anger and resentment from my past that I had forgotten. I thought I had dealt with it but my body had not forgotten the pain I went through. What I love about these sessions is that they are so private. I don't need to say anything about my problems to anyone. Maria simply finds these trapped emotions and tells me the age and where they are located in my body. This is when I put everything together and finally understand what's going on. It's empowering without the drama. Thank you Maria" - Mia

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