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Fertility Herb Supplements Programme

by Blue

I have just turned 40 years and am planning for a family soon. My health is very good, I have done a Fertility Cleanse and taken the Wobenzyme enzymes so far. Last time I had my sex hormones the results were:

FSH: 6 IU/L - Day 2
LH: 1 IU/L - Day 2
Oestradiol: 116 pmol/L - Day 2
Progesterone: 1.6 nmol/L - Day 2
Prolactin: 320 mIU/L - Day 2

A few months before these results AMH was very low 2.6 pmol/L.

I have done a lot of research on your website and would like to try the following programme:

1st Half of Menstrual Cycle (until ovulation):
Spirulina, Barley Grass, Chorella (all in one tablet)
12 Tissue Salts 6x
Essential oils in olive, grapeseed or wheatgerm oil

2nd Half of Menstrual Cycle (after ovulation):
Spirulina, Barley Grass, Chorella (all in one tablet)
12 Tissue Salts 6x
Coconut Oil

Would you think these would be suited for me? We are considering fertility assistance soon due to my partner. I look forward to improved results.



Your program is great, but I would add a prenatal vitamin like daily Baby & Me.

If you are not allergic to pollen, taking Royal Jelly will help increase the quality of your eggs.

A daily fertility smoothie is a great way to take all your super foods together each day.

Fertility Blessings!

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Recorrent Miscarriage
by: Anonymous

I am 43, eat very healthy, have a normal weight, and have been taking vitex 750 once a day. I have been pregnant twice since starting it. I miscarried each time before six weeks.

I took vitex until I discovered that I was pregnant then I stopped it over a period of three days. I was wondering whether I stopped too suddenly and should I still bother adding Maca and Dim (what is that?) to my regimen?


Vitex can be stop anytime afer having a positive pregnancy test. In some cases, only under medical supervision, Vitex can be continued during the first trimester. There are no studies done on Vitex during early pregnancy in order to support the corpus luteum and prevent miscarriage.

Because of lack of studies, some practitioners do recommend stopping Vitex once pregnant.

Stopping taking Vitex would not cause a miscarriage, but the fact that you miscarried twice before 6 weeks may indicate a few things under your control:

1. The quality of the eggs is poor.
2. The quality of the sperm is poor.
3. Uterine issues.
4. Stress and poor diet.
5. Lack of nutrients.
6. Low progesterone levels.
7. Sperm + Egg incompatibility.
8. Thyroid issues.
9. Toxicity.
10.Immune sytem problems.

In most cases egg and sperm quality is the issue, often due to hormonal imbalance and/or toxicity. My advice is to continue taking your remedies and talk to your doctor and ask to have some fertility testing done to see if there is a problem with your hormones, especially progesterone levels.

If everything is fine, my advice would be to follow a fertility cleanse and do self-fertility massage. You can find these here.

Many Blessings!

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