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Fertility Journaling

Keeping a fertility journal is a great way to help record thoughts and feelings, as well as to keep track of your cycle, diet, and any changes in your body.

Benefits of Fertility Journaling

When you write down how you feel, you give yourself permission to release what's holding you back.

1. Release your pent-up emotions of fear, worry, anger, etc.

2. Allow your mind to be free to express what you really think about what going on with you

3. Keep your thoughts more organised

4. Speed up your emotional release 

5. Notice improvements in your mental and emotional outlook

6. Notice improvements in how you feel in your body

7. Track you menstrual cycle and your feelings

8. Allow yourself to express what you think and feel without judjement

9. Come up with new ideas and new things you can do to help improve your fertility.

10. Keep track of your limiting beliefs as they come to mind. These are the:

"I can't", "I won't", "I should", etc.

How To Keep A Fertility Journal

There are real rules on how to keep a fertility journal, it's really up to you. You can have many areas for different things or simply keep it to write down you feelings and thoughts. 

You can also include checklists of the things you want to do. You can keep your favorite quotes, poems, positive affirmations, mantras, etc.

Keeping Track Of Your Emotions

Write down everything you feel, positive or negative. Your journal is the best place to vent if you have the tendency to hold it in. Venting helps you to reduce your stress levels. Reducing stress also helps with conception.

Keeping Tack Of You Diet

Following a healthy diet is one of the first thing you need to address when trying to conceive. By keeping a food diary, you can easily schedule your meals to be as healthy as possible and help you decide in advance what you are going to eat each day. Make sure to add your fertility smoothie at least once a day.

Keeping Tack Of Your Cycle

Charting your cycle is very important because it helps you know when your most fertile days are going to be. By writing it down, you keep your mind-body connecting strong as your body knows your intentions.

Keep Track Of Your Exercise

Exercising is very important while trying to conceive. If you keep a spot in your journal where you keep track of your exercise routine, you will be motivated in continue doing it. 

You can use this area of your journal to write down your daily walk, your fertility yoga routine, or any other type of exercise you like doing.

Why Fertility Journaling

A fertility journal is a tool and like any tools it works if you use it. So, make sure to take 10 minutes a day to journal. This could be every night before bedtime, early in the morning when you will not be disturbed, during your lunch hour, in your favorite spot in your house, garden or chair. 

The reason why it is so important to journal is because if you don't write things down your memory will fade away. It is moved into long term storage in your memory bank and if not recalled often enough it will be moved to your subconscious mind. Here is the place where all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs are stores. They are there affecting you outside your conscious awareness. Journaling helps you bring them to the forefront of your mind, so you can release them.

Because of these reasons, fertility journaling has a great therapeutic value for every woman who is trying to conceive.

Fertility Blessings!

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