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Fertility Massage After Ovulation

by Kerry
(San Antnio, Tx)

When should you do the fertility massage? Can you do it after ovulation? What about during implantation -- after ovulation when you're not sure if you're pregnant?


Hi Kerry,

In my opinion it is best to avoid doing self-fertility massage after ovulation if you know you might be pregnant when you do self-fertility massage in conjunction with Castor oil therapy. It is fine do do self fertility massage during implantation, but apply less pressure and avoid castor oil and souces of heat on the uterus.

Discontinue Self Fertility Massage once you find out you are pregnant. Do not do self-fertility massage during menses.

I hope this helps you.

Fertility Blessings!

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Getting a fertility massage
by: Stephanie

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 4 years now. What I want to know is if there is a specific cycle day(s) to go get a fertility massage or even a day(s) not to get a fertility massage? Today is the 2nd day of my cycle and I would love to go get a fertility massage.

Thanks in advance,

(Praying to be pregnant in March 2013) :)


Hi Stephanie,

If you are trying to conceive do self fertility massage up until ovulation beginning from the day your period stops.

You can detect ovulation by measuring your basal body temperature. When you notice the thermal shift, stop doing self- fertility massage.

If you are getting a massage from a trained professional, tell her about what time of the month you are in, she will know what to do.

The best time to have a fertility massage is at 7, 14 and 21 day of your cycle. On day 7 th your body prepares to select the dominant follicle that will release the egg. On day 14 your body will ovulate. On day 21 it' s embryo implantation. Getting a massage on these days will help you relax and will support hormonal balance and help you conceive.
Of course this is just a suggestion, your therapist will develop a schedule that will fit your cycle and your specific situation.

Share your symptoms and cycle details with your fertility massage therapist in order to get the most benefit. Massage therapy should not stop at enhancing fertility. In fact, you can get a massage during early pregnancy as long as your massage therapist knows. She will apply different pressure and will avoid certain areas. Pregnancy massage is an amazing way to care for your body during pregnancy.

Many blessings!

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