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Fertility Mucus: Can You Have Too Much?

by Deralene

If u have too much of mucus can that cause u not to fall pregnant easily. What can I take or use to stop having so mucus.


Hi Deralene,

You cannot have too much fertile mucus. The more the better. Make sure your fertile mucus looks like raw egg white that is stretchy, jelly-like and really clear. If it is not like this, you may have a yeast infection and this can make you infertile. Some women have also acidic mucus discharge called leucorrhea. This type of mucus is often infertile mucus. It can be profuse and mistaken for fertile mucus but it will actually kill the sperm (hostile mucus).

Talk to your doctor about having a test just to make sure you don’t have an infection. If it turns put it is yeast, consider using a natural treatment like Yeast Arrest Suppositoriese. This is very effective and safe while trying to conceive.

If you are sure what you see is fertile mucus you may be experiencing hormonal fluctuations or stress. Estrogen levels are in control of your body making fertile mucus. As ovulation approaches, the production of fertile mucus increases under the influence of estrogen. This should last from the estrogen surge when the dominant follicle has been selected, until the day before ovulation.

If you have a regular cycle of 28 days, you will notice fertile mucus from about 5 days just before ovulation. Most women have 3-5 days normally. As soon as you
ovulate and you detect a thermal shift in your BBT your cervical mucus becomes sticky. At this time you are not fertile. If you still experience mucus discharge and you know you have ovulated you have some kind of infection causing this discharge.

Some women have also polycystic ovaries that causes them to have long patches of raw egg what that it is not followed by ovulation. During this patch of fertile mucus a woman with PCOS will not be able to conceive. You know that this happens to you if your experience a period of prolonged production of fertile mucus followed by a few days of sticky or dry mucus and then another patch of fertile mucus and your periods are late and often irregular.

Stress can also cause this same pattern of fertile cervical mucus not followed by ovulation.

In theory you are fertile during the last patch of fertile mucus. The best way to know is to chart your cycle and correlate your fertile mucus with your basal body temperature.

My advice at this time would be to chart your cycle. This will tell you if your fertile mucus correlates with your basal body temperature shift and ovulation. If you do ovulate, you are fine and be thankful that you have lots of fertile mucus.

One more thing, raw egg white fertile mucus also occurs if you do get pregnant. This is one of the very early pregnancy signs. So make sure to check for pregnancy!

Fertility Blessings!

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