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Fertility Problems In Both Of Us: Oligospermia and Poor Egg Quality

Hi, I am 31, I have one kid, and she is 8 years old. After birth of my first kid, I used IUD for 3 months and removed it due to infection. After that we didn't use anything to avoid conception. I didn't conceive after that. We even tried IVF, but of no use. They say that we both have problems, he has oligospermia, and I have very few (2 to 3) eggs, and that they are of not good quality. Looking for solution.





Hi Sameena,
There are a number natural solutions that can help couples with poor egg quality and low sperm count achieve conception naturally.

The first step is to cleanse. Every natural fertility treatment should start with a good cleansing program design specifically for TTC couples. Why is cleansing so important? When poor egg quality and low sperm count are the cause of lowered fertility, toxins are always to blame as they affect hormonal balance, disrupt the menstrual cycles and affect the ability of the sperm to mature and swim to the egg.

Each couple that follows a good fertility cleanse has higher chances of conceiving.

Women and fertility cleanse:

In women, cleansing before conception helps two main functions:
liver detox that is directly linked to hormonal balance and ovulation and uterus detox that is connected with embryo implantation.

Men and fertility cleanse:

Cleansing in men before conception is also very important. The production of sperm is directly connected to a man’s hormonal balance, especially testosterone. Toxins in food, water and environment affect testosterone levels and impair sperm maturation.

Did you know that the liver has both the function to detox the body and to manufacture hormones?
By cleansing the liver you also help create hormonal balance because when the liver is busy elimination toxins from the body cannot metabolize hormones properly.

Once the cleansing is completed then you can move on to helping the body make healthy eggs and sperm.

Making healthy eggs:

Each month the ovary selects a number of follicles that begin to grow. Only one of these follicles will mature, becoming the dominant follicle, and release an egg at ovulation time. This process within the ovary takes approximately 120 days and what you do during this time can tremendously affect the quality and health of your eggs.

Luckily, Mother Nature has given us amazing super foods and herbal remedies that can support the body during this process.

Fertility foods like maca and Royal Jelly have been proven to help support fertility.

Maca helps maintain hormonal balance by supporting the endocrine system, like ovaries, thyroid and adrenal glands. Studies with people living in Peru where maca is a typical dietary food, have very high fertility.

Royal Jelly is the Queen’s bee food and it helps you make lots of good eggs, just like the queen bee who lays and average of 2000 eggs each day.

In fact, the feeding of royal jelly to the new larvae is what makes a queen bee. The workers bees are not fed royal jelly and are sterile.
It is the feeding of royal jelly that stimulates the development of ovaries necessary to lay eggs.
When analyzed, royal jelly has been shown to contain amino acids, trace mineral, enzymes, fatty acids, antibacterial components, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, like pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 necessary for hormonal balance.

Other necessary nutrients for making healthy eggs are L-arginine for endometrial receptivity (embryo implantation) and anti-oxidants that maintain the DNA of the egg protected from the attack of free-radicles.

Vitamins help create a nourishing environment helping the ovarian tissue mature new antral follicles that can grow and mature healthy eggs. Vitamins support hormonal control of the process of ovulation and maintain healthy menstrual cycles.

Learn more about natural remedies to increase egg quality naturally

Making healthy sperm

In order to get a woman pregnant, a man needs to produce lots of healthy sperm capable of fast forward motion.
Men who suffer from low sperm count and poor sperm motility can find great support from natural medicine. Just like in women it takes about 120 days to produce healthy sperm from scratch. What a man does during this time affects the quality of the sperm.

It is very important to do the following:

Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and unhealthy foods. It is also important to keep the reproductive organs colder than the rest of the body and avoid overheating, electromagnetic pollution from cell phone and computers (men should not wear cell phone near their reproductive organs and never place a laptop computer directly on their lap).

The Factor Formula Kit contains all of the herbs; nutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids men may need to help increase sperm health, sperm count, and motility. Maca and tribulus have been studied for their ability to regulate testosterone levels and to stimulate male fertility and libido. Anti-oxidants in men, just like in women’s eggs, help keep DNA integrity and prevent birth defects. L-carnitine is an amino acid that has been shown by clinical studies to boost sperm count and improve sperm motility. Other necessary nutrients for male fertility are zinc to maintain testosterone levels balanced, folic acid to prevent birth defects (even in males not just females) vitamin C to prevent sperm agglutination and vitamin B12 to boost sperm count.

By following a natural approach to improve sperm and egg quality you will dramatically increase your chances of finally conceive naturally soon.

Fertility Blessings!

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Body Heat
by: Sameena


Thnx for the advice. I hope it is helpful. I forgot to mention in my last letter that I have a lot of body heat. During the intercourse my hubby feels that he is inside a furnace. Is this a reason why I am not conceiving. Please give your valuable advice.



Increase Body Temperature During Sex
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Sameena,

It is normal to experience increase body heat during sex. It also depends when during the time of the month you have sex. If you have sex after ovulation your body temperature is normally higher that if you have sex during the first half of the menstrual cycle. Also hormonal fluctuations do occur during sex to cause and increase in body heat.

Increased body heat is also experienced during pregnancy.

Many Blessings

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